Nollywood Audition Registration Form 2022/2023

Nollywood Audition Registration

Nollywood Audition Form 2022/2023 Registration – Is Nollywood audition Form 2022 out? How do I apply for Nollywood acting? How do you join an audition? How can I become an actress in 2022? Upcoming movie auditions 2021 in Nigeria, How to join Nollywood, How to join Nollywood 2349035900938, Soulmate studio audition 2022, Upcoming movie auditions in Nigeria, Africa Magic auditions, how to join nollywood in lagos,nollywood producers contacts, nollywood contact number, 2022 movie auditions in lagos.

Nollywood Audition Registration

Nollywood is a Nigerian Hollywood, Nigeria’s movie cinema and a huge producer of home movies in the world. The Nigerian movie industry has produced a lot of talented Nollywood actors and actresses: Nonso Diobi, Kenneth Okonkwo, Nkem Owoh, Desmond Elliot, Van Vicker, Rita Dominic, Tonto Dikeh, Uche Jombo, Ini Edo, Genevieve Nnaji and others.

Is Nollywood audition form out?
How do I join Nollywood
How can I join Nollywood industry?
Where is Nollywood located?

Nollywood Audition Form 2022/2023 Registration – How do I join Nollywood

This is to notify the general public that Nollywood Audition Form 2022/2023 Registration has commenced. Kindly read below on how to secure this opportunity because once it’s out we will update this very page on

For more details on how to join or register for the Nigerian Nollywood Audition Call or Contact Mr Chinonso on WhatsApp only:  07061837436

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Before a movie stage is set, there has to be an audition, primarily for upcoming actresses and actors. During auditions, many actors are assigned a role to perform individually, and whoever does it best plays the role.

It is through this means that producers and movie directors get the best talents. Therefore, aspiring actresses and actors look out for as many auditions as possible. Since film locations are not exclusive to a particular region of the country, the opportunity is therefore open to people in different regions depending on the locations the producers choose.

For more details on how to join or register for the Nigerian Nollywood Audition Call or Contact Mr Chinonso on WhatsApp only:  07061837436

How to Succeed in Nollywood Audition.

To make your dream come true and to prove that all the efforts were not in vain, we will share with you few secrets of successful attending of Nollywood auditions. To be more relaxed and confident you need to note the following tips;

1. Make warm-up activities: First, before you go to the audition, try to make warming-up activities. Show all familiar to you emotions, try to do it convincingly: show joy, surprise, frowning face. Let your friends or relatives to be judges, so they tried to guess the emotion, and at the same time, they will help you with understanding if you are convincing.

2. Calm down: The biggest challenge before auditions it is to stay calm and restraint. You should remember that excitement is enhanced by fear of the unknown. You need to know in detail where and under what circumstances and conditions audition will be. Any details about the upcoming audition will be useful, who will be the audience, who is the director.

3. Have good diction: It is highly important to have a good diction and ability to express thoughts. Having good diction, charisma and good acting, you can succeed as an actor.

4. First impression: It is necessary to decide what you want to wear, what makeup and hair dress to have, remember that first impressions are most lasting.

5. Be punctual: Never come late for your auditions. You should be in time, otherwise it can serve you a dirty trick.
6. Be natural: During auditions, much attention is paid to the way you react to life situations, the same emotions of joy and sorrow. Be natural, do not overact and you will succeed.

7. Be confident: To be more relaxed and confident during audition. Try to rehearse at home or in a public place. Dispel all doubts and fears. Therefore, during the audition you will be able to show all that you know and can do it without hesitation. Don’t be afraid to look like a fool, the main thing is not how foolish you look, but not to be a fool. Play as if nobody is watching you.

8. Be prepared: At the beginning, you will be asked to tell a little about yourself. You will have little time (about 3-5 minutes), premeditate your story: it must not be too long and boring. Try to find something that distinguishes you from the crowd. Talking about your talents, do not forget to show them.

9. Cultivate useful contacts: Certainly a lot of people will want to come and take part in the audition. All you will be the competitors, it is better to treat it more quietly. Instead of having to worry about who will be the best, try to make new friends, it will help to defuse the hectic atmosphere and while away the time. The ability to find a common language with strangers, can help you in your future career.

10. Know what you want: Before going to an audition think about why do you want to become a nollywood actress. Try to imagine nollywood movies starring you as a main actress. It is known, the glory does not come immediately. Even the smallest role, the same extras can affect your future career. So, go for it! It is time to promote the national cinema.

How to Apply.

To be ascertain if Nollywood 2022 Audition Form is out, reach out to the official Nollywood Portal: or Visit this page frequently.

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