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Ernst & Young Graduate Trainee Programme

Apply for Student Programs

Young graduates who are interested in improving their skills and gain valuable knowledge in the financial services operations are invited to apply for the Ernst & Young (EY) Graduate Trainee Programme 2023.

Ernst & Young company is committed to building a better working world – with increased trust and confidence in business, sustainable growth, development of talent in all its forms, and greater collaboration.

Ernst & Young Graduate Trainee Programme
Apply for Student Programs

Company/Organisation(s): Ernst & Young (EY)

Program Type: Graduate Trainee

Program Location: Nigeria

Available Slot: Several

Basic Qualifications: First degree

Nationality: All Nationalities

Ernst & Young (EY) Graduate Trainee Programme 2023 | DETAILS

Ernst & Young (EY) Graduate Trainee Programme enables young people to build shared values with the firm which is founded on strong commitment to value addition. The Graduate Trainee Programme includes:

  • Graduate Trainee (Consulting FY23) at Ernst & Young

As a Consulting Staff, successful candidates will be a professional member of Consulting practice. Together with EY’s substantial investments in technology, knowledge, and learning resources for audit professionals, you will be part of the team that delivers quality consulting services to clients and their stakeholders.

  • Graduate Trainee (Assurance FY23) at Ernst & Young

As an Assurance Staff, you will be a professional member of Assurance practice delivering quality assurance services to clients and their stakeholders. Applicants must possess some qualifications to be qualified for the role.

  • Graduate Trainee (Strategy and Transactions FY23) at Ernst & Young

As a Strategy and Transactions Staff, you will deliver quality strategy and transactions services to clients and their stakeholders. You will also be a professional member of Strategy and Transactions practice.

  • Graduate Trainee (Tax FY23)

As a Tax Staff, you will be a professional member of Tax practice deliver quality Tax services to clients and their stakeholders. You will need to possess recognizable audit potential or unusual relations from basic analysis of the financial statements.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Ernst & Young (EY) Graduate Trainee Programme, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Possess and undergraduate or graduate degree.
  • Successfully passed ICAN, ACCA examination.
  • Possess advanced written and verbal communication skills.
  • A strong dedication to teamwork.
  • Possess integrity within a professional environment.
  • Be able to work independently in a fast-paced, dynamic team-oriented environment.

Application Procedures

How-to-Apply: Interested and qualified applicants for the Ernst & Young Graduate Trainee Programme 2023 are to visit the application portal to submit their application. Applicants will be required fill out their application in their respective fields.

  1. Graduate Trainee Tax FY23
  2. Graduate Trainee -Assurance FY23
  3. Graduate Trainee – Strategy and Transactions FY23
  4. Graduate Trainee – Consulting FY23

Application Deadline: Not specified

Visit the Official Website for Further Details


ExxonMobil Graduate Internship

Career opportunities | ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil, one of the world’s largest publicly traded energy and chemical companies invites application from suitably qualified recent Nigerian graduates for the ExxonMobil Graduate Internship Programme (Engineering and Commercial) 2022/23.

The programme will offer recent graduates of Nigerian origin the opportunity to gain invaluable industry experience in a world-leading petroleum company and thus helping the intern to apply their knowledge and experience in a real business setting.

ExxonMobil Graduate Internship
Career opportunities | ExxonMobil

Company/Organisation(s): ExxonMobil

Program Type: Graduate Internship

Program Location: Nigeria

Available Slot: Several

Basic Qualifications: First degree

Nationality: Nigerians


ExxonMobil Graduate Internship (Engineering and Commercial) | Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the ExxonMobil Graduate Internship (Engineering and Commercial), applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants to this programme must be Nigerians with degrees in any of the following disciplines: Mechanical, Chemical, Petroleum, Process, and Electrical.
  • Must have graduated with a minimum grade of Second Class, Upper division (2:1) no earlier than 2018.
  • Must have completed the National Youth Service Corps scheme (NYSC) no earlier than 2019.

Application Procedures

How to Apply: To begin your application, Interested and qualified applicants are to click ‘Apply’ on the official website. Your application is complete only when you receive a confirmation email. Applicants should ensure that they upload all the required documents.

Document Requirements:

  • A cover letter indicating your internship availability period.
  • An updated resume.
  • Academic Transcript showing CGPA (if available).
  • Degree Certificate showing class of degree and date of graduation.
  • NYSC Discharge/Exemption Certificate.
  • Valid Government issued means of Identification bearing a clear picture of your face (e.g International passport data page, Voters card, National Identity card, Driver’s Licence).

Application Deadline: 21st November 2022

Visit the Official Website for Further Details


Apply: Yale Young Global Scholars Program

APPLY NOW for the 2021 Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) program ...

Deadline: January 10, 2023

Applications for the Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) 2023 are now open. Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) is an academic exploratory program that brings together high school students worldwide to facilitate discussions on cutting-edge topics in academia. Participants choose a session based on their academic interest, and they meet like-minded peers from around the world.

Each summer, students from over 150 countries (including all 50 U.S. states) participate in one interdisciplinary, two-week session at Yale’s historic campus. Immerse yourself in a global learning community at Yale University. Join YYGS and interact with Yale professors and instructors, and learn global perspectives from international peers.

Apply: Yale Young Global Scholars Program
APPLY NOW for the 2021 Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) program …

YYGS offers sessions in the humanities, social sciences, STEM fields, and a cross-disciplinary track that incorporates all of the above.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Students meet peers from over 150 countries and all 50 U.S. states, and join classroom discussions where students offer global perspectives.
  • They provide over $3 Million USD in need-based financial aid and scholarships, offered as discounts covering up to 100% of tuition costs.
  • Applicants are encouraged to apply by the Early Action deadline for a discounted application fee. If the fee poses a financial burden, students can submit a fee waiver to reduce their application fee to $0 USD.

Summer Offerings

  • Session I Residential (June 18-June 30)
    • Innovations in Science & Technology (IST I)
    • Literature, Philosophy, & Culture (LPC I)
    • Politics Law & Economics (PLE I)
    • Solving Global Challenges (SGC I)
  • Session II Residential (July 2 – July 14)
    • Innovations in Science & Technology (IST II)
    • Literature, Philosophy, & Culture (LPC II)
    • Politics Law & Economics (PLE II)
    • Solving Global Challenges (SGC II)
  • Session III Residential (July 16-July 28)
    • Innovations in Science & Technology (IST III)


YYGS offers over $3 Million USD in need-based financial aid for U.S. domestic and international students.

  • Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS) Alumni Scholarship: Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS) Alumni Scholarships will be awarded to selected students who completed the YYAS program in any summer prior to 2023. The scholarship covers full tuition and travel costs for students to attend any of the YYGS sessions offered in 2023.
  • Young Leaders (YL) Scholarship: YL Scholarships will be awarded to selected students in the U.S. and internationally who self-identify as at least ONE of the following:
    • Black or African American (including Africa and the Caribbean)
    • Hispanic and/or Latino/Latina/Latinx
    • Members of Indigenous peoples, nations, and/or communities
    • Refugees*

The YL scholarship covers full tuition and travel costs for students to attend any of the YYGS sessions offered in 2023.

*A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war, or violence. A refugee has a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group.


YYGS accepts applications from ALL countries, and offers the opportunity for students to apply for need-based financial aid to students from ALL countries.

  • Be at least 16 years old by July 19, 2023 (first day of Session III).*
  • Be able to participate in a rigorous academic curriculum conducted in English.
  • Be a current high school sophomore or junior (or international equivalent).
  • Be graduating in May/June 2024 or 2025 from the Northern Hemisphere, or in Nov./Dec. 2023 or 2024 from the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Be a first-time participant in YYGS. If you have participated in a YYGS session during a previous summer** (2022 and prior), then you are not eligible to participate during YYGS 2023. Please note: If you previously applied to YYGS but were not offered admission or were unable attend AND you meet the eligibility criteria noted above, then you are encouraged to re-apply for YYGS 2023.


All students must submit the following application components:

  • Activities list
  • One 400-word essay and one 200-word response
  • Two “fast take” responses (280 characters each)
  • Official school transcript
  • One Recommender (who will complete the YYGS Recommendation Form* ONLY)
  • Application fee** ($60 for Early Action and $75 for Regular Decision)
  • You must click the Submit Application button on the “Review” page for your application to be considered.
  • OPTIONAL: English fluency test scores (TOEFL or DuoLingo)***
  • OPTIONAL: Need-based financial aid****

Fee Waiver

YYGS will waive the application fee if it constitutes a significant financial burden for the student’s family. The link to the Fee Waiver Request Form is available on the “Payment Options” page in the YYGS application, but it will only appear there AFTER students have fully completed the “Financial Aid” page in the YYGS application (as it is only available for those who request need-based financial aid). Students who apply for a fee waiver must have a school official finalize the form.

Click here to apply.

For more information, visit YYGS.


First City Monument Bank Flexxtern Programme for Young Nigerians

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Flexxtern Programme 2022 for Young ...

Deadline: Unspecified

Applications are open for the First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Flexxtern Programme 2022. FCMB Flexxtern is an internship programme that gives young Nigerian graduates the opportunity to gain paid work experience in diverse areas and business.

The FCMB Flexxtern is an initiative by leading financial institution, First City Monument Bank, in partnership with other prestigious organizations in Nigeria. FCMB’s goal is to empower young individuals by providing internship opportunities and access to a mentorship network through their partner organizations.

First City Monument Bank Flexxtern Programme for Young Nigerians
First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Flexxtern Programme 2022 for Young …


  • 3-month Paid Internship for 30 winners.
  • FREE 1-day Career training session for 30 winners, with Certificates of Participation.


  • Open to graduates between the ages of 18-30 years.
  • The contest is only open to FCMB Flexx account holders. Open your Flexx account here in 4 minutes if you don’t have one yet.


  • Upload a 45-second video to YouTube with the hashtag #FCMBFlexxtern telling them why you deserve to be one of the FCMB Flexxterns.
  • Click on Participate, fill the registration form and include the link to your YouTube video.
  • Share the link to your entry and invite your friends to vote for you. The more votes you have, the higher your chances of winning.

Click here to apply

For more information, see FAQ and visit FCMB Flexxtern.


African Peacebuilding Network Individual Research Fellowships

SSRC African Peacebuilding Network (APN) Individual Research ...

Deadline: February 10, 2023

Applications are open for the African Peacebuilding Network Individual Research Fellowships 2023. The African Peacebuilding Network (APN) of the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) invites research fellowship applications from African researchers, policy analysts, and practitioners working on conflict and peacebuilding issues at universities and research institutions; or regional, governmental, and nongovernmental agencies or organizations based in Africa.

A core component of the APN, the Individual Research Fellowship (IRF) programme is a vehicle for enhancing the quality and visibility of independent African peacebuilding research both regionally and globally, while making peacebuilding knowledge accessible to key policymakers, practitioners and research centers of excellence in Africa and around the world.

African Peacebuilding Network Individual Research Fellowships
SSRC African Peacebuilding Network (APN) Individual Research …

Fellowship recipients produce research-based knowledge that is relevant to, and has a significant impact on, peacebuilding scholarship, policy, and practice on the continent. For its part, the APN works toward inserting the evidence-based knowledge that fellowship award recipients produce into regional and global debates and policies focusing on peacebuilding. The programme also strives to build a highly visible and active network of African scholars and practitioners capable of projecting African perspectives and voices onto global discourses, knowledge and practices of peacebuilding.

Areas of Interest

Support is available for research and analysis on the following issues:

  • Causes, drivers, actors, and trajectories of violent conflict;
  • Natural resource conflict: community, national and regional dimensions
  • Geopolitics and histories of conflict, conflict mediation and peace;
  • Minorities, under-represented groups, and the social dynamics of conflict and peace;
  • Climate Change, Energy Transitions, Conflict and Peace
  • Religion and peace
  • Resilience, conflict prevention and transformation;
  • State and non-state armed actors, transnational crime, extremism, displacement and migration;
  • Post-conflict elections, democratization, governance and development;
  • State building, Nation building, Identities and the citizenship question;
  • Transitional justice, reconciliation, and peace;
  • The economic and financial dimensions of peace support operations and post-conflict reconstruction;
  • Regional Economic Communities (RECs), regionalism and peace;
  • UN-AU-REC Partnerships and Peacebuilding Architectures ;
  • Digital media, technology, war and peace;
  • Cultures, media, and art(s) of peace;
  • Women, youth and peacebuilding;
  • Water politics, conflict and peace;
  • Theater, Music and Peace
  • Human mobilities, insecurities and peace
  • Peace Education and African Futures
  • Prevention of mass atrocities; and
  • Diseases, Politics and Peace


  • Up to seventeen (17) individual fellowships of a maximum of $15,000 each will be awarded.


  • Applicants must be African citizens currently residing in an African country. This competition is open to African academics, as well as policy analysts and practitioners.
  • Applicants who are academics must hold a faculty or research position at an African university or research organization, and have a PhD obtained no earlier than January 2013. Applicants who have not been awarded their PhDs by February 10, 2023 will not have their cases prioritized to be eligible as academics.
  • Applicants who are policy analysts or practitioners must be based in Africa at a regional or sub-regional institution; a government agency; or a nongovernmental, media, or civil society organization, and have at least a master’s degree obtained before January 2018, with at least five years of proven research and work experience in peacebuilding-related activities on the continent.


Application requirements include:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Research Proposal & Bibliography
  • Expected publication(s)
  • Current CV
  • Proposed Research Timeline
  • Proposed Research Budget
  • Two Reference Letters
  • Language Evaluation(s) (if required)

Click here to apply

For more information, see FAQ and visit APN Fellowships.


Social Shifters x Rathbones Global Climate Challenge

Social Shifters x Rathbones Global Climate Challenge 2022 ($10,000 ...

Deadline: November 9, 2022

Applications are open for the Social Shifters x Rathbones Global Climate Challenge 2022. As global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, climate change is disrupting economies and affecting lives, but it is not too late to limit the increase in global temperature.

The Global Climate Challenge is designed to enable young people (18-30 years) to explore, start and grow ideas that will help accelerate the shift to net zero emissions.

Social Shifters x Rathbones Global Climate Challenge
Social Shifters x Rathbones Global Climate Challenge 2022 ($10,000 …

They are looking for ideas, projects and business solutions that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, supporting the move to net zero emissions more quickly. They welcome ideas at any stage and from anywhere in the world.


  • Unlock Your Potential: Develop your skills, confidence, and future prospects with help from skilled mentors and as part of a supportive global community.
  • Accelerate Your big Idea: Get FREE access to a world-leading Digital Incubator programme to help develop your project or business idea.
  • Make an Impact: Compete for an award of $10,000 to deliver activities that reduce greenhousegas emissions and help move to net zero emissions more quickly.


The Global Climate Challenge is open to anyone aged 18 to 30 years old, from any country. They are looking for ideas, projects and business solutions that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They are particularly interested in solutions that:

  • Help make the shift to clean and renewable energy
  • Reduce the consumption of fossil fuels
  • Support the switch to sustainable transport
  • Heat homes in an energy-efficient way
  • Reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill
  • Promote responsible consumption
  • Scale down plastic pollution
  • Restore forests and oceans to help absorb CO2


Explore, start and grow your idea, get access to the world-leading Digital Incubator programme and compete for awards of up to $10,000!

All eligible entrants get FREE ACCESS to a Digital Incubator programme, including e-learning, live events, peer support, and the opportunity to access expert mentors from the world’s leading companies.

Click here to apply

For more information, visit Global Climate Challenge.


H & M Foundation Global Change Award

H&M Foundation: Creating Fashion With Purpose | Accenture

Deadline: December 8, 2022

Applications for the H & M Foundation Global Change Award 2023 are now open. The Global Change Award is part of transforming fashion and turning the entire industry planet positive. Now, they are calling innovators and entrepreneurs to apply for the GCA 2023.

For 2023, the GCA is turning it up a notch. They are updating their scope to cover more ground, raise the bar on innovation and help shift the industry into a planet positive one. The winning ideas should fall into one of three categories:

H & M Foundation Global Change Award
H&M Foundation: Creating Fashion With Purpose | Accenture
  • Regenerate – solutions towards planet positive effects
  • Repurpose – solutions towards circularity
  • Reimagine – solutions we have not even thought about yet


  • Share a grant of 1 million Euros to develop your innovation.
  • Access to the one-year-long tailormade GCA Impact Accelerator, provided by the H&M Foundation, Accenture, The Mills Fabrica and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. This includes support enabling the winners to accelerate towards scale and impact.
  • Global visibility, recognition and validation.
  • Once the Accelerator programme is up, all winners are invited to join the Alumni community with past GCA winners, who share tips, support and network with each other.


  • Open to any individual and groups of up to four people over 18 years of age anywhere in the world.
  • It is also open for institutions, organisations and social businesses, as well as for joint ventures, consortiums and other types of partnerships.
  • Your entry must be in English and all communication including the GCA Impact Accelerator will be in English.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed.


  • Application period: They are open for applications between 20 October, 2022 – 8 December, 2022. Make sure to apply in time!
  • Screening: The screening period stretches from January to March, 2023. The screening is done together with a broad network of industry experts and partners. The five winners will be notified in March.
  • Announcement: The winners are announced publicly on 8 June, 2023 at an Award Ceremony in Stockholm.
  • Innovation Accelerator: The year-long GCA Impact Accelerator programme commences in June, 2023.

Click here to apply

For more information, see FAQ and visit Global Change Award.


LeadNext Fellowship Programme for Emerging Leaders

LeadNext Fellowship Programme 2023 for Emerging Leaders ...

Deadline: October 31, 2022

Applications are open for the LeadNext Fellowship Programme 2023. LeadNext builds a vibrant network of future leaders aged 18-25 from across Asia and the United States and supports their growth, impact, and capacity to address today’s greatest challenges.

With the profound structural changes that will transform geopolitics, global governance, the global economic order, and social landscape over the next decade, a new generation of globally minded leaders is imperative. The LeadNext programme equips emerging leaders across cultures and disciplines with strong international networks, exposure to wide-ranging experiences, and leadership tools to thoughtfully steer the future.

LeadNext Fellowship Programme for Emerging Leaders
LeadNext Fellowship Programme 2023 for Emerging Leaders …

Harnessing the innovation and energy of young leaders is essential. Positive and lasting change will depend on leaders who can move ideas and action forward to address rising inequality, find solutions to climate crises, mitigate conflict, and empower communities most vulnerable and insecure.

Programme Components

  • Leadership Training Intensive (Jan-Mar 2023): Fellows meet 1-3 times a week over several weeks to build competencies in social change leadership. Fellows explore how unique experiences are the foundation to their leadership strengths and gain tools for self-awareness, public speaking and elevating impact. The Intensive emphasizes collaboration and exchange. Fellows work together to expand their understanding of globalization and global citizenship and share perspectives from their unique backgrounds and experiences.
  • Monthly Virtual Masterclass (Mar-Jul 2023): Global experts provide exposure to the real-world experiences of leaders in the United States and Asia addressing a range of 21st century issues. Fellows develop lasting skills, tools, and frameworks to better understand the policies and ecosystems that drive impact. They study complex issues, processes, and challenges related to social change in the United States and Asia and bring their collective experiences to bear on these discussions.
  • Global Leaders Summit (Week of July 17, 2023): The 2023 capstone convening will be held in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fellows will deepen and expand their learning through rigorous exchange, continued leadership development, and tools to tackle 21st century challenges. They will also gain exposure to cutting-edge approaches and best practices in innovative leadership.
  • Mentorship: Fellows are paired with a professional mentor based on their specific interests. These mentors are drawn from the Foundation’s broad network to connect emerging leaders with recognized leaders, influencers, and shapers.


To be eligible for the programme candidates must be:

  • Aged between 18-25 during the entire programme year.
  • Fully conversant in English.
  • Able to commit to attending all sessions with an understanding that they are working across many time zones. Virtual sessions will take place in the mornings in Asia and evenings in the United States for approximately 2 hours per session. The Summit is a full-time commitment.


Application deadline is October 31, 2022. Late applications will not be considered.

Click here to apply

For more information, visit LeadNext Fellows Programme.


Rockefeller Foundation-Acumen Food Systems Fellowship

The Rockefeller Foundation-Acumen Food Systems Fellowship 2022 ...

Deadline: December 1, 2022

Applications for the Rockefeller Foundation-Acumen Food Systems Fellowship 2023 are now open. The Rockefeller Foundation-Acumen Food Systems Fellowship is an intensive, one-year leadership development programme offered through Acumen Academy, the world’s school for social change.

The Food Systems Fellowship will introduce moral leadership concepts to a globally diverse cohort of 20 food systems leaders who are creating more equitable, nourishing, and regenerative food systems. With leading food systems facilitators, Fellows will participate in a blend of immersive seminars, workshops, and self-directed leadership experiments. The program will combine in-person and virtual learning over the course of the Fellowship year.

Rockefeller Foundation-Acumen Food Systems Fellowship
The Rockefeller Foundation-Acumen Food Systems Fellowship 2022 …

After Year 1 of the Fellowship, Food Systems Fellows will join Acumen’s global community of social innovators building a world without poverty and injustice.


  • Join a globally diverse cohort of experienced food systems builders in a rigorous year-long experience.
  • Improve your capacity to innovate and drive change within food systems by practicing essential systems leadership skills.
  • Learn via a mix of immersive seminars, workshops, and self-directed leadership experiments with the support of trained facilitators and world class experts.
  • Part-time — you stay in your job while participating in the programme.
  • All programme-related costs are covered by the Fellowship.
  • Bring examples from your work into the programme to guide your learning, then take learnings from the programme back to guide your work and create or increase impact.

Beyond Year 1: What happens after the programme

  • Join a lifelong alumni community of over 1,000 social innovators around the world — they call this community ‘The Foundry.’
  • Access the resources and relationships to amplify your important work in architecting a just, inclusive, and sustainable world. This includes access to social innovators, funders, and mentors.


  • Open to people that have worked for at least five years in the food systems space and have a vision for building nourishing, regenerative, and equitable food systems.
  • They are looking for individuals who currently have a leadership role in one or more organizations or initiatives that are committed to food systems work on a full-time basis. They will consider applicants who are working part-time on an exceptional basis, as long as they demonstrate a full-time commitment to food systems work.
  • All seminars and workshops are conducted in English. Conversational proficiency in English is a requirement to ensure Fellows are able to give and get the most from this experience.

Fellows are extraordinary emerging systems builders who dare to embrace the difficult journey of social change in food systems. You will be joining a cohort composed of individuals who will typically be on one of the following trajectories:

  • Social Entrepreneurs: Founding or leading a for-profit or non-profit organization that provides critical goods or services to underserved populations within food systems.
  • Social Intrapreneurs: Creating innovative solutions to tackle food systems challenges from within an existing institution by shifting its culture and/or strategy, and building new collaborations.
  • Organizational Builders: Supporting the growth of an organization focused on alleviating food systems challenges by building the internal structures, and processes that enable the organization to pursue its purpose.
  • Public Sector Leaders: Reimagining public policy and leveraging the government services to drive change within food systems.
  • Bridge Builders: Finding and connecting organizations and leaders to discover commonalities and activate a shared vision for food systems transformation.


The three-stage online selection process is designed to understand your capacity, willingness, and potential to grow as systems builders who will be at the forefront of systems change within food systems.

  • Apply: tell them about your journey in food systems work so far and your vision moving forward. 16 Oct – 1 Dec 2022
  • Complete Assignments: show your capacity for leadership and the impact of your work. 2 – 15 Jan 2023
  • Attend the Selection Conference: connect with food systems finalists across the world and explore why this is the right time for you to be a Fellow. 11 – 12 Mar 2023
  • The Rockefeller Foundation – Acumen Food Systems Fellows 2023 Cohort Announcement: Apr 2023
  • Immerse Yourself in the Food Systems Fellowship: Apr-Nov 2023

Click here to apply

For more information, visit Food Systems Fellowship.


EJN Media Workshop on Indigenous Environmental Reporting

EJN Media Workshop on Indigenous Environmental Reporting 2023 ...

Deadline: October 26, 2022

Applications are open for the EJN Media Workshop on Indigenous Environmental Reporting 2023. Internews’ Earth Journalism Network invites Indigenous journalists from around the world to apply for a two-day Indigenous workshop, to be held in Kenya from February 21 – February 24, 2023.

Led by experienced journalism trainers and thematic experts, this workshop will explain the importance of Indigenous environmental reporting, and issues such as climate justice, biodiversity, sustainable ecosystems, Indigenous knowledge and other issues related to the rights and well-being of Indigenous peoples and communities.

EJN Media Workshop on Indigenous Environmental Reporting
EJN Media Workshop on Indigenous Environmental Reporting 2023 …

It will also build valuable journalistic skills to help participants strengthen their reporting and storytelling skills, and make their stories more appealing to wider audiences that include the general public and decision-makers. Participants will be taken on a field trip and hear about issues faced by local Indigenous communities and will have the opportunity to report on these issues for their media outlets after the workshop.


  • EJN will bear the travel, accommodation, and meal costs of selected participants.


  • Open to Indigenous journalists from any country who are self-motivated and interested in covering Indigenous environmental issues.
  • They welcome applications from journalists from print, television, online and/or radio, with a demonstrated track record of producing incisive, in-depth stories.

Applicants must note the following:

  • Selected participants must commit to attending both days of the workshop.
  • The workshop will be conducted in English so applicants must have a good level of understanding of technical English.
  • EJN and their partners and donors have the right to edit, publish, broadcast and distribute any stories produced for your media outlet as a result of your participation in the workshop, once they have been published/broadcast in the original media outlet.


  • Applicants must provide a letter from their editor or media outlet supporting their application to attend the workshop. Freelance journalists are welcome to apply but will need a letter of support from a media organization committing to publish or broadcast any stories produced as a result of their participation in the workshop.
  • Applicants must submit two published writing samples or links to stories that have appeared online. Story clips related to Indigenous issues are preferred.

Click here to apply

For more information, visit EJN Media Workshop.