Scholarships For African 2022 in Abroad – Fully Funded

You can apply for fully funded scholarships for Africans 2022 if you are from Africa and wish to study abroad. These scholarships will cover your tuition fee and monthly allowance. Scholarships are available for any level of study including undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral programs. Typically, these Fully Funded scholarships are given to students who cannot take admission on their own abroad. Scholarship applications have now become very simple.


Scholarships are open to students from any nation, but this topic is particularly relevant to African students. Northern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Africa, Middle Africa, Southern Africa, and Western Africa are all eligible. It comes as no surprise that “Scholarships For Africans 2022” are one of the most searched topics on the internet. You Can Apply for Biggest Scholarships in the World Without IELTS | Fully Funded

Nigeria’s average monthly salary is US$1,136. As much as US$1,025 is the price of a flight to the United States, one of the top study destinations. You don’t have to give up your dreams of studying abroad because you can’t afford it. Several scholarships are available for Africans, some even cover everything from flight tickets to tuition fees and living expenses.



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List of Scholarships For African 2022 in Abroad

Many universities around the world offer fully funded scholarships. Here is a list of some of the best scholarship programs available.

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1# British Chevening Scholarship in UK

Students from around the world can apply for Chevening scholarships. A Chevening scholarship is for a one-year Master’s program.  Because this scholarship is fully funded, it includes your flight, accommodation, and tuition fees. During the one-year scholarship program, you have the opportunity to live in the UK and to develop your academic and professional skills.

2# University of Western Australia

Students who are interested and want to reach their goals can also receive scholarships at the University of Western Australia. Undergraduate students can receive AUD$48000 over the 4 years if they apply for 2022 scholarships. AUD$2400 is the maximum amount that a student can receive for a post-graduate program.

3# Scholarships in UK

There are almost 3,000 scholarships available in the UK for international students. African students are eligible to apply for these scholarships as well.

4# University of Portsmouth

Scholarships are available to international as well as European Union students at the University of Portsmouth. The university offers many scholarships to international and European Union students. African students can apply for a scholarship here.

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5# Vice Chancellor Global Development Scholarship

If you are from any African country, you can apply for the vice-chancellor global development scholarship.

6# University of Birmingham Commonwealth Scholarships

The University of Birmingham provides scholarships for the countries under the Commonwealth, therefore students from Africa can apply for this university scholarship program.

7# Universities in China

Many Chinese universities offer scholarships to international students, both fully funded and partially funded. China is the easiest country in which to get a scholarship. There are many scholarship opportunities for African students in China.


Since 1932, Southern New Hampshire University has continuously innovated higher education. Students from all over the world are offered a quality education.  In addition, the University offers the best scholarship programs for international students. As a result, students from Africa can also apply for these scholarships.

9# Scholarships of Erasmus Mundus

The European Commission is providing scholarships to students from developing countries, including Africa.


10# Scholarship of VLIR_UOS Training and Masters Degree

This scholarship is available to African students as well as students from developing countries in Belgium.

11# Switzerland

Scholarships are available in Switzerland for MBA students at IMD. Students from developing countries can also apply.

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12# Scholarship of Slovak Government

Students in Africa and other developing countries are eligible to apply for this scholarship offered by Poland. The funds are provided by the Slovak government.

13# Study Scholarship in Swedish Institute

The scholarship provides full funding for students in Africa and developing countries pursuing a Master’s degree. Tuition and living expenses are covered.

14# US Universities Providing International Scholarships Includes

  • Emory University
  • Illinois  State University
  • University of Minnesota
  • Harvard University

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List of University Without IELTS FoR African in Abroad

  1. Brock University
  2. Carleton University
  3. University of Saskatchewan
  4. The University of Winnipeg
  5. University of Colorado
  6. California State University
  7. Drexel University
  8. State University of New York
  9. University of lowa
  10. University of Arkansas
  11. University of New Orleans

Students from African countries are not required to take IELTS at any of the above-mentioned Universities. The students can get admission in these Universities if they have good English speaking and writing skills. International students are admitted to these universities, but they do not require IELTS for admission.

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