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Applicants concerned in the PIEAS Scholarship have some outstanding updates (Atomic Energy Commission). The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission delivers monetary aid to eligible scholars. Pakistani students are eligible for this grant. This scholarship can be applied for online. Students from across Pakistan are eligible to apply for this grant. For students at PIEAS, the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission offers an MS studies program.

This is a fantastic opportunity for students, so take advantage of it. The pupils are chosen on the basis of merit and a test. The student will receive 35000/PKR in addition to free tuition. Candidates are required to serve in PIEAS for 5 years after completing the program. The SPS-8 Scale is used to rank the brightest and greatest students. So hurry up and submit your application for this scholarship.

Additionally, potential students need to apply for a PIEAS grant before the closing date in 2022. Student tests are held in many major cities across Pakistan, and passing the written test as well as the interview for the PIEAS Scholarship is required. The PIEAS scholarship submission closing date is June 13, 2022. To apply online, go to the official website, create an account with your CNIC, and then fill out an application form.

Details About PIEAS Scholarship 2022

PIEAS Institute offers multiple fields of study in Pakistan which is a country in South Asia. The closing date is June 13, 2022.

List of Study Fields

PIEAS scholarships are available in a variety of subjects of study:

  1. Electrical Engineering
  2. Cyber security
  3. Nuclear medicine
  4. Radiation and medical oncology
  5. Mineral Resource Engineering
  6. Mechanical Engineering
  7. Process Engineering
  8. System Engineering
  9. Radiation physics
  10. Chemistry
  11. Computer Science
  12. Nuclear Engineering
  13. Material Engineering
  14. Medical physics
  15. Physics

Financial Benefits

  1. The scholarship covers the entire tuition amount as well as medical expenses.
  2. A stipend of 35000 Pakistani Rupees is provided during the scholarship period.
  3. The student is assigned to the SPS-8 Scale with three advanced increments after completing the scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

  • This scholarship is open to anyone with a Pakistani domestic.
  • The selection is based on merit and a test.
  • An interview is obligatory earlier to selection.
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The PIEAS scholarship submission closing date is June 13, 2022. Visit the official web portal for additional details on the scholarship.

How to Apply

The PIEAS scholarship application is completed entirely online. You can apply quickly and conveniently through the official PIEAS Web Portal. A student must first create an account before beginning to fill out the form for online submission.

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