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Dear reader, first of all you need to understand what a feasibility study and business plan is all about. The very short meaning is material/funds/knowledge required to start a new business or upgrade an already existing business. Know this; a Bank Facility or YouWin Competition Programme can never give you or your company a loan (grant) or (free investment money in the case of YouWin) if you cannot give an official account and well detailed explanation by writing what you are using the money for. There are several ways of writing a business plan which must contain a well detailed feasibility study depending on the type of business or production a company is into.
How to Write a Good Business Plan - Sample, Template, Examples, Proposal, Format
It is strongly advised that anybody who decides to get a loan from a bank or become a winner in YouWin (The Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria) programme should get a detailed information about a business before venturing into it instead of diving into it with little or no knowledge about a business; this will surely lead to failure and lose of capital invested into any business. With all these said we urge you to continue reading from this page carefully so that you don’t miss any step because you are in the right place at the right time because we can give you what you need..
Before you go into that business or apply for YouWin with the idea of that in your mind or you want to makeup from the mistake you have already done by diving into a business without prior knowledge of it, this is the best opportunity for you. You can become a YouWin winner of N10million Naira (Nigerian currency) if you choose follow the instructions we will give you.
What you need is to get a professional and comprehensive business plan/feasibility study for your production company and sales business from us here in TYJ Communications. The business plan and feasibility study will cover all you need to know about setting up a production company or any type of business. It will explain the procedures and process of production, marketing ideas, costing of equipments, exact capital needed, profit within a period of 3-5yrs etc. Other Details not mentioned here will also be included.
The feasibility study and business plan we can prepare for your business or company will reflect the benefits of production in your business, a 5 year projection, how much returns on investment, when the business will break-even, start up cost (large scale), Cost of required production equipment and materials etc, and all the sub topics mentioned on the below;

  • Defining the industry
  • Unique valve
  • Innovation opportunities
  • Its market need/social problem its address.
  • Innovation concept
  • Is the product or service feasible?
  • Targeted market/beneficiary
  • Market size
  • Market characteristics
  • How to bring this ideal to live?
    Social/economic value
  • Viability of the concept
  • Diagram of the company business production chart
  • The organizational structure and organogram
  • Sample of the company / business structure
  • Detailed Cost of production
  • Machines/equipment cost
  • No of required man power
  • Estimated utility bills (expenses)
  • Total cost of starting and owning the business or company
  • Total sales on the business for the 1st to 5years
  • Cash flow
  • Break-even analysis
  • Profitability
  • 5 years graphical projection
  • Bar chart representation of the projection.
  • Appendix
  • and lots more…..

All you need to do right now is to Contact Us via our email or phone number, have a discussion with us to indicate your interest and we will do the rest of the work for you by compiling and arranging a business plan and feasibility study containing the amount you will need to invest in any type of business or expanding the one you already have using the cash flow profit. When we are done, we will send it to you through your email. When you receive it, you can then submit it to the bank if need be (this is for those who need a loan/grant from a bank) , or use it to answer all YouWin questions by filling the information in the business plan on YouWin website (, or use the information and implement it in your business (if you are not getting a loan from anybody) and see good results.
We are professionals in writing because we have gathered much experience with the last 10years. We have written several business plans and feasibility study for different customers and today they are smiling in their businesses because they started with the right step. Do you have any doubts about us? Then See samples of our already written Business plans and Feasibility Study for other businesses:


These are some prerequisite needed to prepare a business plan and feasibility study for you; this is the information we will need from you to be able to write a feasibility study.
1. Your full name and your company name
2. Address (location of the company)
3. The banks name for a loan (if needed – this is optional)
4. Address of the bank (if needed)
5. The land size / space ( e.g 100×50) or workshop/office space (if available)
6. The address of the land/workshop/office
7. Company Subsidiaries (if any)
8. The materials and/or working tools you have (for existing business only)
9. The tools you specially need that you don’t have (for new business only)
10. The type of production, sales or business you deal on
11. The kind of services/repair/maintenance you specialize on
12. How many staffs/trainees you have (for existing business only)
13. The years of experience you have for that business (if any).
14. How much you need from the bank as loan or from YouWin (How much do you wish to borrow?)
15. What is your capital investment at hand (amount at hand)
16. Do you have an idea about the business you want to invest in? (if any then specify)
17. Others; please specify


Business Template = #20,000 (Any Small Scale Business Plan Template ONLY)
Business Plan = #30,000 (Any Business of below N200,000 startup capital)
Feasibility Study = #30,000 (Recharge Card Printing business guide)
Feasibility Study = #60,000 (Pure water business Business Plan)
Feasibility Study = #65,000 (Nylon production Business Plan)
Feasibility Study = #70,000 (Cosmetics / Soap Production)
Feasibility Study = #75,000 (Farming; Poultry, Fishery, Piggery etc)
Feasibility Study = #80,000 (Palm Oil Mill / Nut Cracking / PKO Mill)
Feasibility Study = #100,000 (Hospital / Pharmacy / Medical Labs.)
Feasibility Study = #150,000 (Oil & Gas, Aviation, Quarry mines industry)
Others industries = Negotiable (including construction etc)
Others industries = Negotiable
Businesses Plan Capital more than #10,000,000 or ($66,000) will cost $1,500
***Procedure for Payment and our Service Delivery***
To serve you better, we have provided several methods of payment to enable our customers from different parts of world patronize us. They are:
Bank Deposit (for customers in Nigeria only)
Bank Wire (for customers who can pay using GTBank Wire)
Western Union (for customers in any other part of the world)
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After payment, send your payment details (Payee name, telephone number, teller no and email address) to our email;
[email protected] or phone number +2347061837436 for verification. (please specify the level of the work [e.g Business Plan and Feasibility Study type – palm oil business, poultry business, clothing and textile production, web based business, recharge card business , crude oil production, cassava production, fishery, etc].


We will confirm your payment within 24hours


We will write and send you or your company the completed and well detailed business plan and feasibility study (in PDF format) in 3working days after confirmation of your payment. You will get an extra already written and related materials and feasibility study for your business plan, seminar and project work etc on your topic plus other very useful PDF & DOC files on other articles, journals, proposals, references etc about feasibility study to guide you through your this business or work or production process.You wouldn’t need to stress yourself again. All you need do is print it and your feasibility study is ready


We are not spammers and We don’t do Fraud , we have built a good business reputation over the years and wouldn’t want to damage it over some little amount of money. Please confirm this from the Materials on a List of Different Course available on Martins Library We work from Mondays to Fridays (8am-4pm) and we have gathered thousands of materials from different sources both local and international.
We keep our word to the later & deliver our products and services (i.e Material to the specified topic you sent us) in a good & tested working conditions.


We would return your payment with 48hrs ONLY if you can prove with concrete reasons that the business plan and feasibility study materials we sent you is not relevant/elaborate enough on the type of business type or topic you sent to us.
We are specialists in preparing feasibility studies/proposals and we know What to deliver to you for your business to survive once you venture into it, so feel free to make us your consultants and we will render our services in a professional level. Patronize today and ease yourself from stress of your bankers/business plan and feasibility study/supervisor/lecturers
At TYJ Communications, We provide Informative Materials for Writing Books, Projects, Seminars, Journals, Articles, Proposals, Feasibility Study Etc For Business And Educational Purposes. We also teach you how to print recharge card from the comfort of your home or office.
Your success in your business is our optimum desire and WE DON’T DO FRAUD , we deliver for the services you pay for. We want to serve you better and hope to hear from you soon.
Once again, thanks for your interest, we expect your patronage.
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