Free Laptops and Computers for College Students 2022/2023

Every online student needs a computer or a free laptop for college enrollment. Besides, they must also make use of the internet in order to access their classes, log in and complete their assignments.

Notwithstanding, online students are not the only learners who rely on a computer, other people also need it for their academics as well.

Some colleges now provide free laptops to college students (Locally and internationally) to make it easier for them to achieve this technology requirement. This device’s price is always included in the school’s tuition and fees.

The following is a list of the best colleges in the country that provide free laptops. Many colleges enable students to keep their gadgets once they finish their degrees. Some colleges offer students large savings on software besides complimentary computers. Getting Free Laptops and Computers for College Students and Individuals 2022 Please this applies to all countries in the world. Apply for yours now at the end of this article and Laptop will be delivered to your home address, office address, school location or postal office.

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What are the Best Laptops for College?

It’s critical to make sure your college laptop fulfills all of your program’s hardware requirements when purchasing one. Get the exact specs from your institution, including the recommended hard disk size and processing speed.

Some schools may demand that students use an Apple device. If that’s the case, you’ll almost certainly spend more than you would on another type of device. The following below are the recommended best laptops for college students.

➛ Lenovo Yoga 920

➛ 13.3-inch Apple MacBook Air

➛ HP Specter x360

➛ Dell XPS 15

➛ 15 ″ Apple MacBook Pro

➛ Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro

➛ Dell Latitude 3380

➛ HP Chromebook 13

How to Get a Free or Discounted Laptop for College

If you’re wondering how to receive a free laptop for college, start by looking for a school that provides them. These schools provide a laptop program or a scholarship to help students with their technology needs. Getting Free Laptops and Computers for College Students and Individuals 2022 Please this applies to all countries in the world. Apply for yours now at the end of this article and Laptop will be delivered to your home address, office address, school location or postal office.


Whether your intended institution is not on this list, speak with an admissions officer at your school to see if they provide any support to students in purchasing computers or tablets.

Whether you’re a college student, a high school student, or a child, if you’re planning to return to class, you’re probably aware of the benefits of having your own PC, laptop, or tablet for individual examination time on your standing.

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Laptops are obviously costly, and there is an excellent alternative for students who cannot afford a PC.

Many online institutions provide free laptops and iPads to students to assist them in taking courses; others even provide free iPads to new green beans enrolled in four-year programs.

Throughout your testing years as an understudy, you should have a solid calculating gadget to get to addresses, understudy administrations, word managing programming, and that’s simply the tip of the iceberg.

They provide laptops free to students. Programs can assist a low-income or needy student in establishing a profession or getting the finest chance available.

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Not only college students but also school pupils can receive free laptop help from a variety of charitable organizations, institutes, and universities. Free eBooks and study materials are also available to students who apply.

You have greater control over when and where you finish courses if you have your own laptop or computer; no need to rush home, go to the library, or find a PC with internet access only to do your work on the internet.

A PC provides the assurance that your data is secure on your own device rather than putting your security at risk on a shared public computer.

1. Choose a School that Will Lend You a Laptop

Some colleges give computers to students instead of giving them to them. Santa Ana College’s Digital Dons program, for example, permits students to borrow a laptop for a semester at a time.

Students who join the program must promise not to share their laptop with anybody else and to use it just for academic purposes.

2. Check Your Local Library

Your local library may lend you a laptop. Most libraries have restrictions on how long you may keep these devices and whether you can take them out.

Members of the San Francisco Public Library, for example, can borrow laptops for up to two hours every day.

3. Use Grant Money

They restrict some grants to solely covering tuition and fees, while others are more flexible. Some forms of financial help allow you to use funds to purchase books and supplies, as well as necessary equipment such as a laptop or tablet.

Grants for higher study are available. While most grants are for tuition, others allow students to use them to pay for necessities such as computers.

Microsoft, for example, offers grant learning partners, which assist students in receiving laptops and other technology-related tools through an organization.

Other choices include young children purchasing computers for high school and college students ages 17-22 as long as it enrolled them in school or in foster care and have an attorney, social worker, or another court-authorized adult.

Inquire with someone from your school’s financial aid office about any free laptop opportunities. Examine whether your school or college offers free computers.

Some colleges, such as Wake Forest and Stevens-Henager, offer free laptop rentals for the duration of the semester.

Visit the financial help office at your school to see if a counselor can steer you in the right route. K-12 kids should inquire at their school’s front desk if they have any free notebook options or if the staff can assist them in obtaining a free laptop.

Tips before Applying for Free Laptops for Student Grant

Before giving up your personal information, make sure the competition you’re entering is legitimate. Check to see if the competition supplier has a privacy policy, clear competition guidelines supported by a legitimate company.

Also, check to see if the competition is accessible on the company’s website.
When phoning international classifieds, be cautious. If you’re under the age of 18, check with your parents before contacting someone you don’t know online.

Grants for Free Laptops for College Students

College students are reaching for their notebooks and iPads more than ever in an age of increased reliance on digital technology. However, such equipment is too expensive. A basic laptop can cost hundreds of dollars, making it difficult for most students to afford.

Laptops have become an indisputable component of their educational experience, regardless of whether they are in college or have earned a college credential.

Many students connect with teachers and peers using email, take notes on word processing programs, and check grades and assignments using educational tools such as a whiteboard.

Laptops can be pricey. Fortunately, there are a few possibilities for people looking for a low-cost or even free laptop.

However, unlike other laptops, they always configured online college computers for the curriculum that enrolled each student.

The laptop has Internet access, so you can get the most up-to-date course outlines, evaluations, and lecture materials.

The Online Schools Administration provides instructions to laptop makers on what the software composition of the laptop should be.

While most online institutions that provide free laptops allow students to keep them after graduation, some colleges require them to be returned (but may still provide the student a big discount to buy the device).

Some colleges offer scholarships and financial hardship aid to people who are financially disadvantaged or have a low-income family member, making it much easier for students to get their own mobile computing systems.

4. Use Scholarship

Some organizations, such as universities, assist students in obtaining a free laptop. We’ve compiled a list of scholarships that can assist students to receive a free laptop through Scholarships.

➛ Chickasaw Nation Higher Education

The Chickasaw Nation’s scholarship program provides qualified students with ready-to-use mobile computing systems. Qualified students might get a notebook with a 250-gigabyte hard disk, Windows Vista operating system, 8x speed DVD/RW drive, built-in WLAN card, and 2 megabytes of RAM as of 2010.

Students who are Chickasaw Nation members must plan to attend the college full-time. They only gave the award for a notebook to selected students during their undergraduate years.

The Chickasaw Nation also offers several scholarship opportunities that might help with everything from school textbooks and tuition to new clothing.

➛ Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation (MCWTF)

The Michigan Technology Foundation’s Council of Women offers a wearable scholarship program for qualifying women. Applicants must be Michigan citizens with a minimum GPA of 2.8.

Women can plan to attend college as a graduate or undergraduate students. The council grants three scholarships each year to cover the costs of a notebook, printer, and other necessary applications for the students.

Students must also study information systems, graphic design, computer science, or software engineering. A letter of recommendation, as well as a statement or summary of pertinent professional experience in the application package.

➛ Computing Initiative Carolina

The Carolina Computing Initiative is one of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s affiliate programs. New UNC students who show financial need may be eligible for a portable college scholarship right away.

Besides, the College Board CSS profile, applicants must complete a FAFSA form. Students who have attended UNC before or have a bachelor’s degree are ineligible.

There is no cash prize; instead, selected pupils have two buying alternatives. They can choose from the laptop standard that is currently offered to grant winners, which includes four years of insurance and a safety lock.

Students who want to buy more expensive laptops may be eligible for a discount, but they must pay the rest of the bill with conventional payment methods such as cash or credit cards. Some students may be eligible for partial laptop scholarships.

5. Look for Companies That Offer Education Discounts

You might ask a computer firm to give you a discount because of your education. Lenovo, for example, gives a 5% discount to students and teachers who use to authenticate their identity. Some Apple laptops also come with educational discounts.

6. Search Third-Party Websites

Another approach to save money on a laptop is to purchase one that was used before. Sellers can advertise new or used things, including laptops, on sites like Craigslist and OfferUp in their local market.

Purchasers and sellers can meet in person to complete the deal, providing buyers the opportunity to check the goods. On eBay, buyers can find both new and secondhand laptops.

However, use caution when dealing with third-party merchants, as they are not always trustworthy.

7. Contest to compete for Free Laptops

Enter competitions. It’s simple to look for competitions that award notebooks as prizes on the internet. Some may ask for a name and email address in order to enter a drawing, while others may ask for an essay, creation, or creative concept to be considered.

Even if a laptop isn’t the winner, many contests offer cash that can purchase one. Burger King, for example, offers specific cash awards to high school students who have 2.5 GPAs or better and want to attend college or vocational school through its scholarship program.

8. Free Laptops From Craigslist 

Look for free laptop offers or stores in the classified ads in newspapers or on the internet. You can find a free laptop by looking through classified ads in the newspaper or on websites like Craigslist.

Some people have old notebooks they don’t use anymore and are prepared to give away. You might be interested in a trade if you don’t want to give the notebook away.

See whether the person is interested in negotiating for something that is no longer required by calling or emailing him. Keep an eye out for lists that is posted around your college or campus, as other students may look for ways to support laptop purchases as well.

Universities that Offer Free Laptops Online

Fortunately, online institutions that offer laptops and financial aid are becoming more common, which can help reduce the expense of owning a computer.

Many online institutions offer low-cost or no-cost laptops to new students. However, as previously said, there may be certain restrictions.

This list of institutions that offer laptop programs is an excellent place to start your research.

The list of the Universities that provide free laptops to keep for themselves after their graduation from school is below.

1. University of Rochester Free Laptops

All full-time undergraduate students at Rochester College receive a free Apple MacBook or iPad. Students who transfer to Rochester with fewer than 29 credits may be eligible for a free MacBook or iPad.

US News & World Report has ranked Rochester 59th among Midwest regional universities. Graduates gain a net return on investment of $ 59,800 over a 20-year period.

2. Full Sail University Free Laptops 

Full Sail University has teamed up with Apple to provide students with the latest MacBook Pro laptops and the tools they need to succeed.

Game creation, software development, and visualization, and simulation are the only programs that use an HP laptop instead of a MacBook Pro.

3. College America Free Laptops

They gave new students at College America a fresh new laptop to use in college and after graduation. Students will get a Mac laptop if they’re a student in the School of Graphic Arts program.

Laptops come equipped with the software they will need to get started creating like a pro. They will provide notebooks and study materials to students at no cost. Some affiliated universities, independent Universities offer totally online graphic arts programs.

4. Widener University Free Laptop

Widener University is regarded as one of the greatest universities in the country. It basically provides free computers to technology students who have excelled in their studies.

Eligible students must have a combined SAT math and critical reading score of 1310 or above, or a composite ACT score of 28 or higher, with a 3.5 or higher GPA (on a 4.0 scale).

5. University of Minnesota-Crookston Free Laptop

Every student at Crookston University receives a laptop from the start. According to US News, they recognized the faculty as the 36th Midwest Regional College and the next top public college in 2019. According to, UMN-Crookston graduates have a 20-year average net return on investment.

6. Centenary College Free Laptops

Students have the option of choosing between Toshiba and MacBook Pro. All students arriving on campus may choose between a 55kg Toshiba Satellite C5.3 with a 15.6-inch or 4.5-pound screen and a 13.3-inch MacBook Pro.

After graduation, this institution enables students to keep their notebooks. Centenary College accepts applications online and provides bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

7. Bethel University Free Laptops

Chromebook by Google Bethel University, which ranks 22nd in America’s Finest Colleges, 11th in Best Colleges for Veterans and Best Undergraduate Teaching, and 17th in Midwest Colleges, offers notebooks with Chromebooks.

For students, graduates, and seminars, Bethel offers 35-degree programs online. Bethel offers “Full Online, a blend of face-to-face and internet courses, besides full online programs with a few weeks of intense campus,” depending on the aim and subject.

8. St. John’s University Free Laptops

St. John’s University students have three laptop options: Apple MacBook Pro, Lenovo ThinkPad L380, and Lenovo ThinkPad L380 Yoga. St. John’s University is a significant private Catholic university in Queens, New York. You can choose from three notebooks at St. Johns.

If a student has at least a bachelor’s degree, they can keep their laptops. There are 26 online applications available at this university.

Psychology, medical assistants, and biology are the most popular topics. Students can rent passionate professors and study abroad.

9. Wake Forest University Free Laptops

Wake Forest University is a small private university that was ranked 27th by US News Best Colleges in 2019. At the end of the course, they must return the complimentary laptop.

WFU students have a net investment return of $476,000 on average over a 20-year period. Economics, communication, and psychology are all popular themes.

Wake Forest students praise the university for its small class sizes, outstanding teachers, and outstanding economics, economics, communication, and political science programs.

10. South Nazarene University

Organizational behavior, corporate management and management, and human growth are all important disciplines. We know teachers at the Southern Nazarene for being attentive and caring, as well as intelligent and dependable.

Students can choose between three notebooks: the Dell Latitude 3380, the 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Southern Nazarene University is a private Christian college with a 100% approval rate. SNU graduates reach an average internet ROI of approximately $217,000 over 20 years, depending on the current ROI report from

There are other online schools offering free laptops, but we’ve selected these colleges because of their consistency and dependability.

Online GED Courses with Free Laptop

You may have heard that nothing in life is free. However, there are some free ways to receive a notebook for your General Educational Development (GED).

Although you may not take the GED test online as of 2010, you can still use a laptop to help you study for the exam. To make it convenient for students, GED study aids and practice exams are available online.

How to Get a Free Laptop when you Get a GED

Speak with your advisor about the particular programs available to GED candidates. To help you prepare for the GED test, several GED test prep organizations will supply you with a used or refurbished laptop.

Consult your school counselor or teacher to see if your school has any unused laptops. Many schools have taken part in laptop programs, in which they provide all pupils with laptops. You can use any leftover equipment from this type of program for your GED exam preparation.

Check with a friend or relative to see if they have a laptop that they aren’t using. Some people update their computers regularly, and you might get an older model to use for GED testing purposes.

Take part in internet polls or review sites. When you agree to evaluate a product or do a brief survey, many websites will offer you a notebook.

You can use Free Notebook Benefits (, Laptop Card (, and Free College Laptops ( for this.

Tips Before Applying for Free Laptops With Online GED Course

Before taking part in an online survey or other programs, read all the regulations and terms of service. Some require registration for many offers or services that are rarely used or required.

These services may end up costing you more than purchasing a new laptop.

How to Get a Free Laptop from Apple

How to get a free laptop from Apple is a common search word on the internet these days. However, Apple does not offer anyone a free laptop for college.

They only offer a discount to the school sector at its stores throughout the year, albeit the perks are appealing in September.

Besides discounts on Apple Macs and iPads, they are also giving away AirPods cans and a 20% discount on their AppleCare Plus program during this time.

There might be savings of up to 318 dollars on a Mac or 90 dollars on an iPad, but there are other attractive incentives as well, such as the student discount on Apple Music, Apple’s music streaming service.

Following a six-month free trial, this advertising, which will be in effect in many countries (resulting in price changes), reduces the patient strategy in the United States from 9.99 dollars per month to 4.99 dollars per month.

To qualify for these reductions, students must input their student email address in UNiDAYS, showing that they are enrolling in an educational institution. For this method to work, they must send a copy of the registration or employment contract for confirmation.

How to Get a Free Laptop from Amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce sites. Those considering receiving a free laptop from Amazon should know that they do not distribute free laptops to students.

This does not rule out the possibility of receiving a free laptop from Amazon. There are two ways to get Amazon laptop help.

First, students who want a free laptop from Amazon should contact the vendor directly by emailing explaining how this free laptop will benefit them, how this laptop would aid them in their studies, and why they should grant you this free laptop.

You may just go to an Amazon seller and search for a laptop that will be useful to you, write a mail, or contact them via messaging; these sellers have demo laptops that will be useful to you.

Another approach to get Amazon student laptops is to look for cheap coupons for students on the internet. Simply type in “Discount Coupon for Laptops for Students on Amazon” and hit enter. They can use this code during the checkout process for a student’s free laptop for college.

How to Get Free Laptops from Google

Google for Education is a Google section dedicated to a free laptop for college education. Its goal is to provide a variety of ICT resources for schools as software, training, and ideas.

Although it does not give savings on hardware such as Chromebooks, students may benefit from the ability to have unlimited storage on Google Drive for practical purposes.

Unfortunately, as a student, you won’t be able to activate it on your own; it will depend on whether the center where you’re studying has a Google agreement in place.

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