University of Malaya scholarships 2022 – Full Funded

If you want to study in Malaysia then this is a dream come true because application on the international level is open for Malaya university scholarships. For all the international candidates these scholarships are fully funded. For the studies of postgraduate and doctorate, these scholarships are available. That’s why don’t lose this opportunity and avail yourself this chance.

University of Malaya scholarships 2022 – Full Funded

If you want to study in a foreign country and have completed your bachelor’s degree recently and want to pursue your career in master’s degree than you should get this chance. Even if you have your master’s degree than you can get a doctorate degree from this university because we have some great scholarships in great universities of the world.

About the university of Malaya

Located in the eye-catching city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this university is one of the top-ranked universities of the world. On a global level these universities always has been dedicated to research work, teaching and learning and provide great facilities in these departments.

If a student will make himself able to read consistently for five years in this university than he can enjoy his full life easily. University makes the standards of students on an international level. Students who have good academic records in their previous degrees than they are eligible for this because this is a great opportunity to study in best universities of Malaya.


Students who don’t have financial support to study abroad are facilitated by this scholarship because they are providing a chance to needy students. These opportunities are available to not only national but international students as well. This scholarship will wipe out all the expenditures of students during their studies.

Even students will receive some financial support for their accommodation, traveling, and books instead of paying their fees to the university. So don’t miss this chance and apply for this scholarship as soon as possible.

Details About University of Malaya scholarships 2022

  • Country of study; Malaysia
  • University of study; University of Malaya
  • Scholarships offered; funded by the university
  • Coverage of scholarship; completely funded
  • Degrees available; postgraduate and doctorate degrees in all departments

What are the benefits of the university of Malaya scholarships?

  1. Candidates need not worry about their financial expenses and about their future in any field because all these things are covered by the university, which will be supporting their students.
  2. Those students who will be selected by the university can avail this chance.
  3. During the studies of students, all their accommodation expenditures will be covered by the university.
  4. Other basic needs of living there will also be funded by the university.

Degree offered by university of Malaya scholarships

The University of Malaya has been giving its degrees at master’s and doctoral levels and the living duration of candidates can expend from 2 to 3 years in a master’s degree and from 4 to 5 years during doctoral degrees.

This is the complete list of programs offered by this university;

  • Islamic studies
  • Studies of Malay
  • Environment building
  • Linguistics and languages
  • Medicine
  • Economics and administration
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Dental studies
  • Business studies
  • Accounting
  • Science
  • Pharmaceutical studies
  • Computer science
  • Law
  • Arts

Eligibility criteria for the University of Malaya

Students need to follow the given criteria to avail a scholarship at this university;

  1. Students who have completed their 12 standard education can apply for this scholarship.
  2. Candidates can avail a chance to secure their postgraduate and doctorate degrees from here and in this regard they need to submit their previous degrees; graduate degrees for a masters and postgraduate degree for a doctorate.
  3. The CGPA must be above 3.00 to get admission in this university.
  4. One should have an English language certificate to apply for this scholarship otherwise he/she needs to submit an IELTS or TOEFL course’ certificate in this regard.
  5. At the time of admission, all the relevant credentials must be provided by students.

Documents required to apply for the University of Malaya

The documents which are required must be

  1. A copy of all academic degrees in scanned form and also a copy of my passport in the scanned form will be required.
  2. To prove their proficiency in language a student must submit their certificate of English language proficiency.
  3. A resume or CV is necessary.
  4. Two recommendation letters, by the teacher of every student who is applying, will be required to check the previous performance of the student.
  5. A research plan should be there which tells the study plan.
  6. If there are some publications by the student then he/she can provide them.

How to apply for a scholarship at the University of Malaya?

A student needs to go online for the completion of the application because the whole procedure is online. Before the time of application fulfillment, a student needs to collect all the necessary documents.

For further help in application process, you can check these guidelines;

  1. Students must register themselves before anything else. Then log on to the portal of the university and make a profile of yourself.
  2. Then give all the essential details required by the university. Choose the desired degree for you studies and then proceed next. No other form is required for application.
  3. The CGPA must be above 3.00 to get admission in this university otherwise admission will be difficult.

Application deadline for the University of Malaya

If you are willing to study on a foreign scholarship then avail of this chance as early as possible because the deadline for this scholarship is 31st august 2022. You need not to wait for the last date in this regard and apply after reading this article.

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