UNITAR Great Ideas Space : Entrepreneurship for Public Health and COVID-19 Recovery in Egypt, Iraq, and Lebanon 2022

Deadline: August 15, 2022

Applications for the UNITAR Great Ideas Space 2022 are now open. The programme will bring together entrepreneurs, leaders, and members of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME’s) in Egypt, Iraq, and Lebanon to turn ideas for a social or for-profit enterprise into a business model that addresses challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic and contribute to building a resilient health sector in the region.

The training programme will run in two phases from September 2022 – March 2023.

UNITAR Great Ideas Space 2022: Entrepreneurship for Public Health …

In Phase 1, the online programme will train 180 participants from Egypt, Iraq, and Lebanon on key topics in entrepreneurship and public health. You will complete self-paced online courses, peer-to-peer discussions, assignments, and webinars by regional and international experts in the field.

Top-performing participants will progress to Phase 2 of the programme, where you will further design and prototype your business/projects through in-depth training and mentoring. Phase 2 participants will also be invited to come together for in-person workshops in the Middle East or in Japan in early 2023. In-person activities are subject to change depending on the COVID-19 situation.


  • You will receive a UNITAR certificate of completion if you complete the course and meet minimum criteria.


  • Open to all from the private, public and civic sectors who are motivated to develop and bring to life innovative local solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic and contribute to building a resilient health sector.
  • Women with interest and experience in the field of entrepreneurship and public health are strongly encouraged to apply.

Applicant must have

  • Good oral and written English skills
  • Access to Internet and a computer or smartphone

UNITAR will review your application for your:

  • Keen passion to learn by doing and highly motivated to contribute to COVID-19 recovery in Egypt, Iraq, and Lebanon through self-led projects/enterprises
  • Deep interest in entrepreneurship and public health
  • Commitment to actively engage in the programme for its entire duration, including traveling in/outside the country to attend in-person trainings
  • Age (between 18 and 45)


To apply for this programme, you will need to complete the below steps:

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