UCL Access Opportunity Scholarships in UK 2022

Undergraduate students from abroad are eligible for fully funded UCL Access Opportunity Scholarships in UK 2022. Scholarships at University College London cover tuition fees as well as a living allowance of £11,000 per year.


Those who cannot secure student loans for their higher education because of their immigration status are eligible for Access Opportunity scholarships.Also See: Master Mind Scholarships In Belgium 2022

More than 11,000 staff and 39,000 students from 150 different countries work at UCL, one of the leading multidisciplinary universities in the world. As one of the two founding institutions of the University of London, it was founded in 1826. In England, UCL was the first university to welcome students of any faith, as well as the first to admit women on an equal basis with men.

About UCL Access Opportunity Scholarships in UK 2022

  • Level of Study: Undergraduate
  • Institution(s): University College London
  • Study in: UK
  • Opportunity Focus Areas: Below is a list of available courses
  • Program Period: Four years
  • Deadline: May 20, 2022

Courses Offered

  1. History
  2. Languages
  3. Anthropology
  4. Applied Medical Sciences 
  5. Archaeology
  6. Architectural and Interdisciplinary Studies
  7. Arts
  8. Law
  9. Biochemistry
  10. Biomedical Sciences
  11. Bioprocessing of New Medicines
  12. Chemistry
  13. Computer Science
  14.  Literature
  15. Earth Sciences
  16. Economics
  17. Geography
  18. Business
  19. Education 
  20. Biochemical Engineering 
  21. Engineering (Electronic and Electrical)
  22. Engineering (Mechanical with Business Finance)
  23. English
  24. Geology
  25. Human Sciences
  26. Politics
  27. Management Science
  28. Mathematics
  29.  Physics
  30. Medical Sciences
  31. Medicine
  32. Natural Sciences
  33. Pharmacology
  34. Philosophy
  35. Statistics
  36. Sport

For more information about Specialization.

Scholarship Coverage

The UCL Access Opportunity Scholarship provides the following benefits to the recipient:

  1. For the normal duration of your program at UCL, you will receive tuition fees and a living allowance of £11,000 annually.
  2. Scholarship renewal is contingent on satisfactory academic progress.

Criteria for applying for the UCL Access Opportunity Scholarship

All of the following requirements must be met in order to qualify for UCL’s Access Opportunity Scholarship:

  1. Required Language: English
  2. Eligible Countries: All world countries
  3. Being offered a place on a UCL undergraduate program;
  4. Child asylum seekers, children of asylum seekers, or unaccompanied children seeking asylum in the UK and who have been granted a temporary form of leave as a result of an asylum application or human rights application (e.g. limited leave to remain, discretionary leave to remain, humanitarian protection).
  5. Because of immigration status, unable to get student financing (tuition fees or loans for maintenance).

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In your application, you must demonstrate your financial situation, residency and academic merit.

What are the steps to applying for UCL Access Opportunity Scholarships?

To apply for the UCL Access Opportunity Scholarship, please follow the steps below:


By August 2022, successful candidates will be notified.


Please visit the official website to apply for the UCL Access Opportunity Scholarship and learn more:

Official Website


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