Top 7 Essay Editing Services: The Online Tools Every Student Can Use


The article reviews the top 7 essay editing services that help create high-quality academic papers. Every student can freely use and appreciate. You will find out their main characteristics, benefits, and how to use them for doing your writing assignments.

Though many students believe that writing academic essays is a rather challenging job, it is not so difficult if you know how to make an outline and where to look for sources. The online essay writing and editing apps also can help you a lot. Here, you will find reviews of the top seven essay editing and writing tools that are not about ready-made essays but about efficient assistance in making your papers excellent.

Top 7 Essay Editing Services: The Online Tools Every Student Can Use

How Do Editing Services Work?

Most students fear using essay writing services because their academic staff always consider them cheating. Using editing instruments is not cheating at all. It will help you get higher grades and make excellent progress in your academic career. You just get a great chance to improve your writing skills.

With help of editing websites highlighted in this article you will save your time and effort, especially during examination sessions. Most of them work as potent indicators of grammar and spelling mistakes. Though, you need to be very attentive because all these websites use automated software that cannot involve the emotional component, so your personal contribution is also essential.

Top 7 Essay Editing Services and Tools

Let’s have a look at this list. You can see the seven platforms that differ greatly by their approaches and ways of performance. Nevertheless, they are pretty efficient, so you will get the best help from them.


The tools represented on this website are truly profound. You can use them to pick the topic, edit, proofread, and check your paper. You can use the Essay Topic Generator if you don’t know what to write about and where to start. If you strive for the uniqueness of your paper, use Plagiarism Checker. It will detect even the slightest traces of plagiarism and help you correct this fault.

Many non-professional writers are doubtful about their writing skills. They are afraid of making spelling and grammar mistakes. The Grammar Checker is a great way to get rid of these errors and improve the essay quality. You will also be able to compose your paper in any formatting style (APA, MLA, or any other) without much effort. You will get your reference list formatted properly too.

All the features are available at any time for free. The advanced search algorithms help access the most updated academic databases and retrieve the content from them. You will receive detailed reports when you use a grammar and plagiarism checker. That gives you a great chance to learn from your mistakes and improve your writing skills. You can use the tools as often as you need them. There are no restrictions on the number of editing and checking sessions. is a great chance to obtain a three-in-one service. All the instruments for improving different aspects of writing are collected here. And you can get support 24/7. One more plus is that you do not need to download the software on your device. However, the service is confidential and safe. The site never stores its users’ data, and no third parties can have access to all the sensitive information.

You get the best solution to your writing problems without paying a penny. We can reliably recommend to you.

2.   MindNode

MindNode is not about writing essays for you, but it can help a lot. It is an efficient essay writing map for brainstorming ideas. It helps create outlines of essays due to mind mapping of every thought. You can enter the app quickly and smoothly as soon as you get a new idea and then type the detailed notes on it. The notes feature is helpful here. The outlining mode helps compose the outline of your paperwork.

You can also use some other features, such as the focus mode or task tracker. When you have many ideas, you may get lost in them and never know where to start. It’s especially important during the examination sessions when the writing assignments pile up, and all of the deadlines for them are rather tough. You can use MindNote and feel quite relaxed – the program can do a lot of work for you.

Among the most apparent benefits of the service, there are:

  • boosting creativity (you can get the canvas for your paper, and the interaction with the staff is quite pleasing as well as a result received);
  • attention to detail (this aspect provides detailed analysis and editing of all the ideas and points until they become perfect and correct in every detail);
  • simplicity of use (the app is powerful in ensuring the simple but pretty efficient use with its friendly and straightforward interface and continuous customer support);
  • diversity and flexibility (it meets various kinds of academic needs and provides various paper writing options and free tools that can be adjusted to every subject, topic, and requirement).

As a student, you will feel great relief while using this service because you will get a well-structured and fresh essay that will impress your professors.

3.   Evernote

This is not about editing only, but more about paper creation. Evernote provides great options for planning and note-making. Its primary aim is to ensure a proper organization of structuring tasks and meeting deadlines. As a student, you will be happy to get such a potent helper. The app can connect to Google Calendar, which adds much to its effectiveness.

You can create any tasks with the dates and special markers in the notes. You will also be able to scan the texts and infographics you may need for your paper and upload this content in the required format. You can even save the important web pages and come back to them later.

While creating your essay, you may feel upset about many materials you have collected but cannot find at once. You may need some space to store them in proper order. Evernote is a great tool for this. All materials and sources related to your work will be stored on the site, and you can connect with your account here from any device. You can even work offline here, so the use is possible from anywhere, even when traveling or moving around.

When you have completed the mind map or outline, you can save it on your device or print it out. This platform is a great helper if you are not confident in creating outlines and have problems developing well-structured academic papers. We can responsibly recommend it to all students who have a lot of ideas but not much time to embody them into a good quality essay.

4.   Voice Dictation

This technology is helpful for many users who, for some reason, cannot write down or type their ideas as soon as they come to their mind. With this service, you can even create the complete essay with your voice. The Voice Dictation tool is also a great helper for those who cannot use the keyboard at the moment.

If you are a student who is always busy with different tasks, you can use this tool to save your time and effort. You may not want to use the mind mapping apps because you experience difficulties with the further development of your ideas in written form. Or your working method may differ much from the ones our academic instructors suggest. When you pronounce your thoughts aloud, it may be easier to understand what else you want to use in your essay.

When you do not want or cannot use a certain essay writing procedure or stick to the predetermined format, you can use this instrument to create an entire essay that will be unique, well-structured, and elaborately developed. It will type the whole piece with your voice, and you just have to re-read it and make minor corrections or changes.

The service as well makes it possible to use proper punctuation. Simple commands, like ‘new line,’ ‘new paragraph,’ or ‘comma’ can provide the correctness in structure and the overall layout of your paper.

5. Grammarly

Everybody knows about Grammarly nowadays. It is popular among all kinds of writers because the platform ensures the best quality of written pieces in terms of using grammar, correct spelling, and vocabulary. In fact, it is one of the most prominent editing tools. You can also choose between the UK and US variants of English. Due to the AI software, the app finds all the issues related to spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, use of words, and style. Your essay will look more refined and properly structured. The program eliminates all the bulky constructions and wordy passages, helps create perfect transitions between the sentences and paragraphs, as well as finds all the typos and blanks.

It is the free version, but the Grammarly app also has a Premium one. You can download it to your device in MS Word or Chrome extension formats and use it as an efficient tutor to improve your writing skills. You can also use it as a helpful extension for Google docs and other online writing platforms.

The program will help you optimize your use of language and avoid vague wording, repetitions, bad passage structure, and excessive use of vocabulary that is unrelated to the topic and does not meet your writing goal. You will receive substantial explanations of every word or phrase used. That is why you can learn a lot from your mistakes and make perfect essays in the future.

Everyone who has ever used Grammarly for academic writing will recommend it to you because this platform is truly efficient and adds much to improving the quality of written papers.

6. Cliché Finder

You may use many cliches in your writing without noticing that. Your written pieces become too dull, and your professors do not assess your essays with high grades as they may deserve. The Cliche Finder tool is a great helper when you want to reduce or eliminate cliches.

Actually, it is a great editor that does away with cliche phrases by using a specific algorithm. It marks out all the overused and trivial sentences, word combinations, and structures in the text. It’s up to you to replace these sentences or phrases with something fresher and more unique. However, it is important to understand that using such structures does not add much to your essay’s quality and overall academic score.

This instrument is developed not for academic essays only. Any type of writing can get improved with it. You can use Cliche Finder online by uploading the text you need to check on the web page. We recommend you try it, and you will be amazed at how efficiently the program works.


You may often experience difficulties finding the correct word you need or substituting the words or phrases that have already been used. The necessary word is almost on the tip of your tongue, and you waste a lot of time trying to remember it. You do not need to bother anymore. Use, and you will find the exact word for your piece. The program will provide a list of similar variants when you put the word you want to replace in a special tab. In this way, you will sound fresh and original in your writing and avoid repetitions.

The tool uses AI software, and, of course, it may have some limitations. It’s up to you to choose the word, and it may end up with a choice that is slightly different in its meaning and cannot match the idea you want to express. That is why you need to be very attentive.

Final Thoughts

Now, you know what online instruments you can use to make your academic essay fresh and unique, free from grammar and spelling mistakes, typos, stylistic and structural inconsistencies, etc. You can use all these tools efficiently without breaking any laws and instructions and confidentially. You will get a better quality of your work, higher grades, and continuous advancements in developing your writing skills and creativity. So, good luck.