Study in Saudi Arabia without IELTS 2022

Yes, without a doubt, you can study in Saudi Arabia without taking the IELTS exam. Saudi Arabia is not a country that speaks English language like European countries. Numerous international students can apply for scholarships in Saudi Arabia deprived of having to take the IELTS exam. Some excellent Saudi universities and Saudi government scholarships are available for bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree programs. Saudi Arabia’s idea is to build a Neom City by the end of 2030, which will be the biggest city in the world, stretching for 460 kilometers. That’s why it is intended to combine smart city technologies and serve as a tourist attraction.

Scholarships are available to Study in Saudi Arabia from a number of Saudi universities. They provide all academic fields. With the exception of medicine and health-related disciplines Universities in Saudi Arabia accept students who do not have IELTS. Since it is not a country that speaks English. In this regard you can also try a variety of other IELTS replacements. Saudi Grants are available to all nationalities which have no restrictions. Mutually male and female scholars are appropriate to apply.

As far as rankings are concerned Saudi have 29 universities ranked among the top 100 in the QS University Rankings and four universities ranked among the top 250 in the QS World University Rankings. A chance to study at one of Saudi Arabia’s increasing number of world-renowned universities Such as King Fahd University, King Abdullah University, King Abdul-Aziz University, Islamic University, King Saud University, and King Faisal University. Saudi Arabia has a number of world-class educational institutes. Scholarships are not difficult to acquire that’s why give yourself a shot.

Details About Study in Saudi Arabia without IELTS

  • Nation of Studentship: the kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Authorized Populations: All Countries
  • Last dates: Diverse for Each Scholarship
  • Degree: graduate, postgraduate and doctorate

List of Public Universities in Saudi where you can apply without IELTS

  1. University Umm Al-Qura
  2. Islamic University
  3. Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University
  4. University King Saud
  5. King Abdul-Aziz University
  6. King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals
  7. King Faisal University
  8. King Khalid University
  9. Qassim University
  10. Taibah University
  11. Taif University
  12. Hail University
  13. Jazan University
  14. University of Al-Jouf
  15. University of Al-Baha
  16. University Of Tabuk
  17. University of Najran
  18. Northern Border University
  19. Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University
  20. Dammam University
  21. Prince Satam Bin Abdulaziz University
  22. Shaqraa University
  23. Al-majma’ah University

King Abdulaziz University Scholarship

International students will be able to apply for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctorate. These scholarships are establishing in 2022. The University will pay for all expenditures for the period of the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degree curriculums.

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King Abdullah University scholarship 2022

The King Abdullah University Scholarship is a completely Funded Scholarship prospect in kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Postgraduates, and Doctorate Degree Courses are accessible through the KAUST Scholarship. They will select more than 150 students from all over the globe. All students, regardless of their nationality, are appropriate to apply. Last date to apply for this scholarship is March 31, 2022.

King Fahd University scholarship

The King Fahd University Scholarship is a wholly funded scholarship for a complete study at the very university. Postgraduate, doctorate, and MBA Degree Programs are available at King Fahd University which is a prestigious world level university. You do not require any course like IELTS to give in to online applications.

Islamic University Medina scholarship

This is a Bachelor of Science Scholarship Program that allows students to get education in Saudi Arabia in a variety of disciplines like Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.

King Faisal University

International students from external of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are welcome at Al Faisal University. It provides masters and bachelors programs.

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