How to Start Small Mini Cyber Cafe in Nigeria | Business Plan and Feasibility report


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How to Start Small Mini Cyber Cafe in Nigeria | Business Plan and Feasibility report
According to Google, over 45million Nigerians currently have access to the internet. These 45million people which may include you and I accesses the internet through 3 means; our personal Laptops and PC, mobile devices, and through cyber cafe (public computers). Browsing has become almost daily routine for everyone us, either for business purpose, entertainment, or research and education
Hundreds of millions of hours are spent daily by those who have personal devices for accessing the internet, and another hundreds of millions of hours in Cyber Cafe by those who doesn’t have their own Laptop and internet connection.
Until now, running a cyber cafe has been a huge capital intensive business. You’ll need to invest in heavy broadband, buy huge infrastructure like V-Sat, do computer networking, and server administration; before you’d talk of paying for the bandwidth which runs into tens of thousands of Naira. At the end, what you’ll get will be nothing more than epileptic services.
With Etisalat and Starcomms Izap, you’ll enjoy unlimited downloads and faster services which is exactly what cyber cafe business is all about, and you can connect to a maximum of 5 computers to come up with a mini cyber cafe. As long as you’re within the area covered by 3G network, you are good to have your own mini cyber cafe.
Now is the time to be in business of your own, that’s what we are trying to achieve on this website, to help as many Nigerians as possible to start a business of their own. This mini cyber cafe is one viable business any serious person must think about seriously. If you’re ready to get started, here are steps you’ll need to take to start your cafe business.
1. Get an Empty Shop –
Look for a small affordable shop within where you live or anywhere you can find it, let it be possibly in a busy place but not necessarily very busy place because it seems everyone is browsing the internet these days, as long as people are living there, you are okay.
Depending on where you get the shop, the average rate is N1,500 – N6,000 per month. In some parts of Lagos, the price could be as high as N9,000 to N12,000 per month. Go for the cheaper ones, they are everywhere. You will need to pay for one year (1500 x 12 = N18,000) and some other charges like the popular agreement fee. Just budget around N30,000 to N100,000 for the shop, you may not spend all.
2. Furnish Your Shop –
You’ll need furniture equipment (Tables and Chairs), Put AC if you can afford it (a tokunbo split unit is ab
out N30,000, you can get cheaper wall AC) if not, just buy ceiling fans or standing fans for N4,000 each.
Paint your shop if it’s not yet painted and make sure it looks very nice, branding is everything in business as that will help you attract more customers and stay ahead of your competitors. Put TV in your shop too, for your customers entertainment. Generator is a must, except if Nigeria’s power supply changes for better tomorrow but for now, you must get a generator (N23,000) if you hope to be in business.
3. Source For Desk Top Computers –
You can get them in any quantity you want at The Computer Village in Ikeja, Lagos. But if you’re not in Lagos, then look for it in any hardware market near you. Don’t get any scrap and call it computer, go for fairly used CPU with higher memories and processing speed.
Don’t buy those old big outdated N1,000 Computer Monitors! Get Flat screen monitors with good image display, they aren’t more than N7,000 each and your customers will definitely like it.
4. Grab Your Unlimited Download Package –
With the unlimited download and the high speed connectivity, the Starcomm or Etisalat package which is ideal to the type of business we are looking at.
The pricing is very competitive with varieties of subscription packages, chose the package and hardware type that suits you most.
You don’t need much after these, all you need now is to put your equipment together and start your business. You can network your GSM Internet connection to the maximum of five devices. If you charge your customers N100 per hour and all your computers are occupied, you’ll be making N500 per hour. Multiply that by how many hours each worked, you’ll have something like this: N500 X 12 =  N6,000 daily from your modest investment!
In a month, you’ll be making N6,000 x 26 = N156,000. Assuming all days are not the same, you be making at least N100,000 Monthly.