Scholarships in Ireland Without IELTS 2021-2022 | Fully Funded

Don’t worry about the IELTS. There are scholarships in Ireland without IELTS for the 2021-2022 academic year. There are Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. Scholarships available through the Irish Government and Irish Universities for international students. Ireland has a global reputation for high-quality education and is a European Country where you can study without IELTS. Scholarships in Ireland will cover the full cost of the program.


Many Irish universities do not require IELTS. The Irish government and Irish universities do not charge application fees. Students from any country are welcome to apply. Ireland offers courses in Medicine, Engineering, Science and Technology, Business and related fields, and Arts and Humanities.

There are many students who move to this country to study. Would you like to be one of them? But are you worried about passing the toughest IELTS test? There is no need to worry as it is possible to study in Ireland without IELTS. In this post, we will discuss How to Study in Ireland? Universities in Ireland without IELTS and scholarships. Please see the full details below. Also See:Government of Ireland Scholarships 2022 | Fully Funded

About Scholarships in Ireland Without IELTS 2021

  • Scholarship Country: Ireland
  • Funded by: Government of Ireland
  • Course Level: Bachelors, Master, Doctorate

List of Ireland Universities Without IELTS

You can find below a list of Irish universities that do not require IELTS. The list includes some ranked Irish universities.

  1. Maynooth University
  2. National University of Ireland, Galway
  3. University of Limerick
  4. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  5. Dublin Institute of Technology
  6. Nui Galway
  7. Dublin City University
  8. University College Dublin
  9. University College Cork
  10. Trinity College Dublin

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List of Scholarships in Ireland 

1# Government of Ireland Scholarships 2022

Irish Government Scholarships is a Fully Funded Scholarship for all International Students and European Students to Study Full-time Masters and PhD Degree Programs in Irish Universities. Ireland offers 280 new postgraduate scholarships.

2# Trinity College Dublin Irish Government Scholarship

Scholarships to Study Masters and PhD Programs at Trinity College Dublin are available. The scholarship is funded by the Irish Research Council.

3# Government of Ireland – International Education Scholarships

The initiative will provide 60 scholarships for one year of study at Bachelor, Masters, or PhD levels to selected candidates who have been offered a place at an eligible Irish higher education institution.

Other Scholarships in Ireland

There are many scholarships available for international students to study in Ireland, both from higher education institutions and the government. Below are a few scholarships you can apply for:

  • The Walsh Fellowships
  • Irish Research Council Scholarships
  • DIT Centenary Scholarship Programme
  • Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology Scholarship
  • National College of Ireland Scholarships

How to Study in Ireland Without IELTS?

  1. To begin, you should search for universities in Ireland and the courses in Ireland you are interested in.
  2. By typing the name of the university into Google, you can check its ranking.
  • You must apply online for the colleges in Ireland without IELTS you have selected
  • If the previous degree of education was taught in an English-medium university or college, there is no language proficiency requirement such as TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Students who completed their previous education from an English language educational institution can fulfill the study requirements without IELTS.
  • To demonstrate that their previous education was in English medium, students must provide an official declaration or certificate printed on stamped and headed paper.

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How To Apply For Ireland Visa

The next question is: Is the IELTS necessary for a student visa?  You can apply for a Student visa in Ireland if you have an acceptance letter from the university in Ireland that does not require IELTS. You will need the following documents:

  1. A valid passport
  2. A letter of acceptance from an Irish institution.
  3. You must provide proof of funds to cover your expenses during your course in Ireland.
  4. Medical insurance details.
  5. Proof of no criminal record.
  6. You may also be asked to take your biometric information.
  7. Academic Transcripts.
  8. Your commitment to leave Ireland when your visa expires.

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