How To Produce Bleach and Liquid Soap Business Plan In Nigeria


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How To Produce Bleach and Liquid Soap Business Plan In Nigeria
Every average Nigerians uses breaching and liquid soap everyday of their life so this is a very lucrative business to start up with a small, medium, or high capital read below for full business plan

How To Produce Bleach and Liquid Soap Business Plan In Nigeria

Bleach is a cleansing or a whitening agent that can be used for varied reasons. Either for the removal of stains (mostly stubborn ones), for brightening up the surface/face of a material or substance. It can also be used in killing germs just like germicide.

Other business opportunities you can start up

It is used at home on items such as; the bathroom, the toilet sits, floor, tiles, for laundry work etc. It is also good for Industrial use. Bleach is mostly used by dry cleaners and students on white clothes.


  • This is a business you can do at your convenience
  • Bleach production is very easy,
  • You can undergo the training for the production of bleach for just a few hours.
  • The business of bleach can be started with a small amount like #5,000
  • It is one of the daily needed items as such the demand is high.
  • You can start bleach business anywhere even at home.
  • It makes one to be financially buoyant because it has a good profit.


The secret of this business is to keep producing quality bleach.
Bleach business is not overcrowded we have just but few persons that are into the business.
Be creative, hypo came from somewhere and started packaging bleach in nylons. You can coin your own uniqueness.
High paying Business to start up with


  • One big bowl and 2 smaller ones
  • Stirring rod
  • Containers for packaging
  • Spoon
  • Sieving material


  • Use nose cover
  • Wear long sleeve or a buttoned up lab coat
  • Put on hand gloves
  • You can use safety glasses


  • Chlorine ¼ kg
  • Caustic soda 2-4 tablespoon
  • SLS (optional) 3 tablespoon
  • Soda ash ¼ kg
  • Alum optional 3 big sizes or 3 tablespoon. You can only use alum if you want the solution to settle fast.
  • Water 8-10 litres


Step 1

  1. Pour 5 litres of water into a big bowl for mixing.
  2. Turn the chlorine into the water and stir with stirring stick.
  3. Stir until the mixture completely dissolves.

Step 2

Use a separate bowl and dissolve the Soda ash with 1 litre of water and stir
Turn it into the bowl of the dissolved chlorine

Step 3

  • In another bowl dissolve the caustic soda and the SLS (if you are using it) with 1 litre of water
  • Turn it into the big bowl of chlorine
  • Add granulated alum into the solution and stir
  • Allow the solution to settle for 24 hours
  • Use filter paper or white cloth (material) to filter the mixture after 24 hours when it must have settled.
  • Package for sale or use. You can use the residue for cleaning the floor or toilet.


Bleach is a brand name another popular one is JIK and hypo. You can decide the type of materials you want to use in packaging either nylon or container.


Just in case you want to ferment your soda. It is applicable mostly for people who produces liquid detergent. You can to learn how to produce liquid soap. Caustic soda is fermented at the ratio of ¼ this means for every four cups of caustic soda you add four cups of water. Stir and allow to ferment for 24 hours. The cup you use in measuring caustic soda is the same you should use in measuring water.
Soda ash has the same fermentation process as caustic soda


Supply to hospitals, clinics, hotels, schools, dry cleaners just in case you are thinking of dry cleaning business to view how to start. Approach all the places that make use of bleach for sales.


Look for a way to penetrate the market as hypo did as a starter in bleach production business. it is a business idea any entrepreneur should think of.
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