NECO Expo Biology Questions and Answers Expo 2022/2023

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NECO Expo Biology Questions and Answers Expo 2022/2023

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(i) Setting up of national park and gardens to save wildlife in their natural environment.
(ii) Poaching i.e. uncontrolled and illegal killing of game should be prevented.
(iii) Avoiding the use of pesticides that may kill off many animals
(vi) Prohibiting deforestation and encouraging afforestation

Sexual reproduction involves the fusion of two gametes – male and female gametes during fertilization to form a zygote which develops into a new organism. It involves organisms of the same species.


Sexual reproduction is the fusion or joining of male and female gametes or nuclei from different individual to form a zygote which later develops into an embryo or organism.

(i) biceps (flexor)
(ii) Triceps (extensor)

(i)When one touches a hot object, the sensory receptor in the skin receives the stimulus
(ii)An impulse is transmitted from the receptor to the spinal cord, via the dorsal root/sensory neurone
(iii)The intermediate neurone in the spinal cord passes on the impulse to the motor neurone
(iv)The motor neurone then sends the impulses to an effector organ (muscle) via the ventral root
(v)All the neurones are linked by synapses across which impulses are sent
(vi)The muscle upon receiving the impulse contracts causing the hand to be withdrawn from the hot object

(Pick Any Three)
(i) It provides water for photosynthesis
(ii) To get rid of excess water in the plant
(iii) It helps plants to continually draw water from the soil into their stem and leaves.
(iv) Some evaporation of water uses latent energy from plants and therefore keeps the plant cool
(v) It helps in the transport of mineral salts from soil to leaves and growing points of the plant

(i) Growing of cover crops like grasses, sweet potato which covers the surface of the soil
(ii) Contour ploughing: ploughing along the contours of a slope to reduce the speed of runoff water.


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