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JAMB Registration Form 2023/2024 on Sale

JAMB Registration Form 2023/2024 on Sale Is JAMB form for 2023 out? JAMB Form 2023 to 2023 Registration Date  Is JAMB Registration closed 2023? for JAMB 2023 to 2023 registration date, jamb 2023/2024 registration portal novel Syllabus novel. jamb 2021 to 2023 registration date

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Jamb Registration Form Is Out 2023/2024

Jamb Registration is yet to commence but see likely dates below this post with jamb expo questions and answers

when is jamb 2023 registration starting?

2023/2024 Registration starts April 8 and May 15, while the examination is scheduled to hold between June 5 and June 19, 2023.


The 2023/2024 portal allows candidates to select any tertiary institution according to their choice of preferences. This implies that, a candidate can prefer to make either, university, polytechnics, College of education, Monotechnics, Innovative Enterprise Institute, Nigerian Police Academy and Nigerian Defence Academy as first or second choice.
However, it is not a must you make university your first choice institution.


The general prerequisite for gaining admission to obtain either a first degree, National Innovative Diploma, (NID), National Diploma (ND), and Nigeria Certificate Education (NCE) in Nigerian university, Innovative Enterprise Institutions, Polytechnics, College of Educations and other degree-awarding Institutions are minimum of five credits in their O’level certificate with English Language and Mathematics inclusive.

More information is embedded in the e-brochure. This e-brochure will be supplied for all a candidate and gotten at their point of registration (CBT accredited centres) and UTME various offices across the country.

JAMB Registration Form 2023/2024 on Sale


Note: April 8 and May 15, while the examination is scheduled to hold between June 5 and June 19, 2023.

The exam venue will be within the selected examination town of all candidate but the candidates’ examination centre will be randomly done by the UTME officials.
It is important to know that UTME does not post any candidate to an exam town he/she has not chosen. It is therefore advised that all interested candidates should register before their desired examination town will be flooded such that their will be no space to accommodate you in your desired examination town.


It is of utmost priority have the following knowledge before taking any registration step.

  • UTME charge 4000 for the registration of each candidate; of which 3500 is for the e-pin, and 500 for the recommended literature (Bolaji Abdullahi’s “Sweet sixteen” and “The Last Days at Forcados High School” written by A. H. Mohammed for the Direct Entry Candidates). The registration cost $20 for candidates who will register using any of UTME foreign examination centres.
  • A compact disc which encompasses the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination’s syllabus, an e-Brochure and some important materials are also provided and collected at the point of registration.
  • All e-pin bought by all candidate are attached to their personal profile. So, it cannot be transferred by means. It is advisable that candidate should confidentially protect security data like e-pins, Registration numbers, ATM Cards numbers, passwords and emails.

To ensure the security of the vital information above, No centre is allowed to request or accept a candidate’s password.

  • No registration centre is permitted to ask for any candidate login details. So, you don’t give it to anybody. Instead, you can rather input it yourself if the need arises.


After understanding the above important information, the following details will be required to complete your registration.

1. Registration Of Your Profile

One mobile phone number can only be used by a candidate. The telephone number adopted by the candidate to receive text is tied to the candidate profile automatically.
This phone number will as well be the point where UTME will reach you concerning any exam-related issues or 2023 UTME registration form. The phone number that is used should be noted and functioning as all information will be subsequently sent to the contact number.

2. Sending Of Name

After creating a profile using a reachable and functional phone number, the next procedure is that you send your name for registration. This name is sent using the format; Surname, First Name and Middlename ( if you have one). When typed, it is to be sent to 55019 as SMS.
This name must not exceed forty characters including the two spaces that is expected to be between the surname and first name then between first name and middle name. It is important to know that your Surname and first name are compulsory.

3. Registration Confirmation

On the same phone number used for the above processes, UTME will send a profile code which consists of ten characters. This is a confirmation of your registration.
The profile code is presented at the form procurement centre (Banks, MFBs, USSD Partners, Switches) the candidate e-pin is forwarded as text the registered profile number. The e-pin received as text is presented at the accredited CBT centre for registration completion


1. To Correct Errors In Candidate Name

To carry out a correction in a candidate name, send an SMS using the phone number used for registration to 55019. The message body should be: [CORRECT Surname First-Name Middle-Name].

2. To Recover A Missing Profile Code

If you lost your profile code, use the phone number on your profile to send a text to 55019. The message body should be: [RESEND]

3. Lost Of Profile Password

In case you cannot recollect your profile password, send; [password] space [email address] using the phone number attached to your account to 55019. This will help you reset your forgotten or lost password.

Other Complaint Channels

To ensure that all questions, complains and problems are adequately sorted out, UTME has an absolutely free complaint ticket. Just visit support.jamb.gov.ng and provide your registered email address to have an access to your account while you make some needed corrections.

Where To Get Your UTME E-Pin

Banks selling JAMB form 2023/2024

The utme e-pin is available across the country, but it is very essential you know that there are some outlets that provides substandard pins.
To this effects, below is the list of jamb-approved outlets where you can get your genuine utme e-pin in the country:

  1. Commercial Banks And Nigeria Postal Service. (NIPOST) :One of the accredited places where UTME epin can be gotten is the NIPOST. also, some commercial banks like Stanbic IBTC, Unity, Sterling, Access, Union, Polaris, First, FCMB, Jaiz and Fidelity bank are allowed to vend the pin.
  2. Operators Of Mobile Money: Some mobile money operators like e-transact, Paga, TEASYPay, Pocket Moni, Xpress payment Solutions, Readycash are also vendors of the e-pin.
  1. Micro Finance Bank: Some micro finance Banks have also gotten the permission to participate in the sales of utme e-pin. The certified Micro Finance Bank involved in the exercise include: Obeledun MFB, Zazzau MFB, Regent MFB, and trust MFB.
  2. Online Platform For Making Payments: The utme examination body has licensed some online payment medium. This medium are; InterSwitch (Quickteller), United payment system (UPS), System Spec (Remita), e-transact and supper link

Other sellers of these e-pin include; JAMB Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society, Digital partners network, Unique ICT, Citi-serve, ATM machine of the banks allowed to vend it, USSD/ Mobile banking, Nigerian Embassies in Accra, Abidjan, Abuja, Cotonou, Jeddah, Beau, London and Johannesburg.


You might be asking ‘what do i have to do with the duties of outlets and banks that involves in the vending of the e-pin?’ but i would love to tell you that it is a good thing for you to understand their assignments so that you can easily know when they are requesting for excess information which can expose you to attack of fraudsters.
Below are their functions;

1. They Request For The Profile Code Which Confirms Your Profile Registration
They collect the profile code which was used to as a confirmation of candidate account creation. This is necessary because all the e-pin(s) is linked to candidate profiles and that profile code confirmed candidate registration.

2. They Vend e-pin
The identified banks and bodies are the only accredited e-pin vendors. At the point of purchasing the e-pin, they collect money while they send your e-pin as SMS to your phone number.
It is extremely important you know that your e-pin can’t be copied from somewhere. As it is generated and sent to the candidate profile phone number.

3. POS Payment Validation
They are also responsible for the POS payment facilitation when necessary.

4. Evident Of Payment Issuance

It is important to collect your payment’s evidence. As it might be needed. So if they don’t provide one, it is the right of the candidate to request for it.

how much is Jamb Registration Form 2023/2024

The price of jamb form for 2023 cbt is between four thousand naira and six thousand naira (₦3,500 – ₦6,000). You might pay additional money for Mock exams but the standard price for jamb form is ₦3,500. You will pay for the registration, the e-pin and the novel (may be free) all this will increase the fee to ₦6,000. But budget ₦6,000.


There are six different approaches to making payment for the UTME e-pin. This is done so that candidate can choose the one that is more suitable and convenient for them. These methods include:

1. Payment Via The Commercial And Microfinance Banks

Candidate can pay with card or cash after the presentation of their profile code at the point of payment after which the candidate e-pin will be delivered as a text message to the your profile number.

2. Point Of Sales (POS)

Another method of making payment for your e-pin is through POS. This POS payment method is accessible at UTME state office, POS outlets and CBT Examination centres that requested for it.
To pay through this procedure, visit any of the vendors listed above, give them your profile code and use your ATM card to pay. After the confirmation of your payment, the e-pin will be delivered to your registered phone number.

3. Mobile Money Operators

This method of payment is obtainable at all the payment outlets and CBT centres. You are required to provide your unique confirmation code, make payment by cash and your e-pin will be received almost immediately as SMS.

4. Payment Via Jamb Official Portal

You can equally pay for your e-pin using JAMB’s official website. All you need to do is follow the following procedures:

  1. Visit JAMB’s verified online payment portal by Clicking Here
  2. click on 2019 Application Document, and enter your Profile Code.
  3. Choose your preferred method of payment, either InterSwitch or Remita.
  4. Pay the exact amount and your e-pin will be generated and send directly your registered phone number.

5. Make Payment Via USSD Code (ERCAS)

This method requires you to dial some certain figures on your mobile phone. Below are the procedures to take to make this method of payment easy and fast:

  • Dial *565*6*55019# (irrespective of your network)
  • Provide your Profile Code and follow all instructions for a successful transaction.
  • Your e-pin will be sent directly to your phone number once you’re successfully through with the transaction processes.

6. Payment Using ATM

This is the last method of payment but it’s one of the easiest ways to get your e-pin as it doesn’t require much stress. However, your credit card must be among the list of acceptable banks which are listed earlier in this article. You are advised to undergo the following procedures if you must have a smooth transaction using this method:

  • Press ‘Bill Payment’ at the ATM stand, and select JAMB
  • Input Your Profile Code and click on ‘pay’ button.
  • Your account e-pin will be sent to you as soon as your payment is received.

Should you forget or misplace your e-pin, text [UTMEPIN] or [DEPIN] to 55019 and your pin will be retrieved as soon as possible.


Once you get to the CBT accredited centre, you will give them the e-pin you have bought. Your name will be displayed automatically as soon as the e-pin is being processed. You have to complete the following steps to complete your final registration procedures:

  • Your payment as service charge at the CBT centre must not exceed 700 naira.
  • Provide your Biodata like; your date of birth, state of Origin, Nationality, gender, email, Local government among others.
  • Supply your choice of institution and discipline.
  • Supply your qualification, your grade and date ( if available)
  • Upload your required certificate if available.
  • Your A/L or O/L grades are to be supplied. If your O/L or A/L is not available as at the time of registration, you can upload them latter when Jamb open their portal for result uploading.

Provision of your result and grade is very important because UTME will never consider any candidate recommendation from any institution if such candidate result is not on the UTME portal.

  • As a direct entry candidate, you will need to supply your UTME registration number of your last institutional certificate.
  • Supply your examination town and UTME subject for mock (optional) and main examination.
  • Ensure that your picture is captured and not scanning of passport.
  • Carry out the enrollment of your ten fingers (Biometric)
  • Review your data entries and be sure that they are all correct.
  • Use biometric authentication to print out your registration slip.
  • Collect your literature and CD without any other payment.
  • Ensure that you collect your e-slip after the registration process as this will indicate that you have completed your registration procedure.
  • Note that all registration is an online process as all the accredited CBT centres have gotten all that they need to carryout the online registration.

Please don’t register in anywhere apart from the UTME CBT centres and UTME State Offices otherwise, you will be disqualified when identified.

JAMB Eligible Institution

As registration commences please take note on the following:

  • First Degree
  • National Diploma (ND)
  • National Innovation Diploma (NID)
  • Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) programmes
  • In Universities
  • including other Degree-Awarding Institutions
  • Monotechnics
  • Polytechnics
  • Innovation Enterprise Institutes
  • Colleges of Education.


  • It is compulsory for you to register your profile via text message before you buy your e-pin.
  • Your registration fee cannot be refunded for any reason.
  • You are not allow to pay more that 700 at any CBT centre as service charge if otherwise, you can forward your report.
  • All the CBT centres have been informed to choose any of the commercial or microfinance bank.
  • It is advisable for you to read and digest the online registration procedure and instruction before you commence it.
  • Multiple registration is not allowed. If you try it, you will be disqualified when identified.
  • It is important to understand that UTME does not entertain a scanned photograph but you rather take a life photograph. This picture will be embossed on your result slip and admission letter.
  • No matter your course, you will take a text on Bolaji Abdullahi’s ” Sweet Sixteen” for UTME while the D. E. candidate will be text on “The Last Days at Forcados High School” by H. Mohammed.
  • Do not come to the examination centre with your phone, wrist watch, biro, pencil and electrical device because you will not be allows to seat for the exam with those things.


Did you want to obtain the UTME 2023/2024 form from a foreign country, you will need only $20 for registration. You can download the form from Jamb’s official website. Fill and submit at the designated centres as stipulated in the website.

Optional UTME-Mock-Examination

Because of the complexity that surrounds computer base exams, jamb has decided to give everyone the opportunity to participate in an Optional UTME-Mock-Examination.
The purpose is to allow you familiarize with everything that has to do with computer base examination. But if you are not interested in taking Mock exam you can stay clear from it.
If you are very sure that you are going to sit down for Mock, please indicate while registration is ongoing as this will enable jamb to identify those candidates who will participate so as to make provision for them.

When is JAMB UTME 2023 registration starting

JAMB registration will start on April 8 and close on May 15 2023

JAMB form 2023/2024 closing date

JAMB registration closing date will likely be a few weeks after the registration date has been announced. May 15th 2023. Although there might be an extension which will be aimed to enable those who were not able to get their fingerprint captured to do so and roundup with the registration process.

how much is jamb form 2023/2024?

It cost N4000. Break down of price is 3500 for the e-pin, and 500 for the recommended literature (Bolaji Abdullahi’s “Sweet sixteen” and “The Last Days at Forcados High School”

When is jamb form coming out/Jamb Registration Form Is Out date?

jamb registration date has already been concluded. Jamb registration starting date is January 13th to 17th February 2023

is Jamb Registration Form Is Out for 2023/2024?

the 2023/2024 jamb form is out on January 13th. For now you have to open your jamb profile, make sure you get the current jamb syllabus for your relevant subjects and this should be match with the necessary textbooks so as to cover all topics with light of speed
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Registration Fee: 4,000
Total: 5,200
Service Charge for Registration: 700
Compulsory Reading Text: 500

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49 minutes ago — Candidates who did not upload their O’Level result (WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB) as at the time of their JAMB application (Awaiting Result) should …

City College of Education Mararaba Admission List 2023/2024https://schoolcollege.ng › city-college-of-education-mar…
36 minutes ago — Candidates who did not upload their O’Level result (WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB) as at the time of their JAMB application (Awaiting Result) …

2023 COMMONWEALTH SCHOLARSHIP FOR AFRICAN …https://campusinfo.com.ng › 2023-commonwealth-scho…
Application Deadline: Agencies will nominate candidates to the CSC by December 2023. Nominating agencies may set their own closing date for applications.

Emmanuel Nursing School Student Portal Login | How to Accesshttps://harmonydiva.com › … › Student Portal
1 day ago — It is designed to make it easy to complete the online application. If you are a new student, your user ID is your student number and your …

Requirements, Positions and Steps on How to Fill INEC AD …https://arewatalent.com › 2023/09/15 › requirements-po…
24 hours ago — After creating your password, you are automatically logged into the portal and presented with an application form. 4. Fill the Application …

AAUA POST UTME Form Is Out For 2023/2023 [Apply Now]https://myschoolplug.ng › aaua-post-utme-form
JAMB. JAMB Latest News · JAMB Seeks Autonomy, Hike In Registration Fee. 2023-09-14 0 …

Search Registration Form Slip – Patliputra University, Patnahttps://ppuponline.in › registration_slip_search
Search Registration Form Slip. Type of Search. Admission Login / URN, Form Number. Search Text. Date of Birth. No chargebacks will be entertained.

How much is JAMB Registration Form for 2023?https://www.financialwatchngr.com › 2023/02/13 › ho…
13 Feb 2023 — How much is the JAMB Application form for 2023? The main reason why most candidates are confused about the price of the Jamb CBT reg form is …

NIN, others to delay UTME registration, says JAMBhttps://punchng.com › nin-others-to-delay-utme-registr…
4 Jan 2023 — The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, on Monday, stated that pre-examination activities, including registration for the 2023 Unified …

UTME/DE: JAMB Registration Form 2023 Is Out! Start, Closure …https://campustimesng.com › jamb-registration-form-20…
3 Sept 2023 — JAMB Registration form 2023 is out, and closes soon! The registration for JAMB UTME/DE 2021/2023 will commence on 19th February, 2023 and …

Cummins Code 6486https://hypno-tarot.de › cummins-code-6486
All we need from you is an application, color copy of your CDL, and last month`s full bank … Neon: #7 or #8 Strut Towers, Inside Driver side door jamb, …

JAMB Registration Form 2023/2023 Update – How To Registerhttps://schoolings.org › jamb-registration-form-applicati…
JAMB registration forms for UTME and DE applicants are released on the same date. Please when is the sale of JAMB form commencing? 19th February to 26th March …

Annual Report of the Commissioner of Patents to the …https://books.google.com.ng › books
United States. Patent Office · 1908 · ‎Patents
Shoe – form . … John R. , New York , N. Y. Adjustable door – jamb . … Edward P. , assignor to Lock – Well Wall Register Company , St. Louis , Mo.
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