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The topic today is Foreign Government Scholarships, which are also available to undergraduates and graduates. According to our research, scholarships are available mainly for master’s and PhD programs. Some times, you can even get a scholarship just for a master’s degree. Anyhow, it’s a great source of Government Scholarships which includes grants for Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees for international students.

These Fully Funded Bachelor Scholarships are open to candidates from any nation. Top Ranked Abroad Universities funded by the government are offering more than 800 undergraduate scholarships in 2022. Scholarships on nearly all Continents are covered by us. You can apply free of charge for their scholarships.

Financial obstacles for understudies are covered by these grants. Scholars can begin applying for Scholarships in August 2022 and must apply by December 2022. The Scholarships you have applied for are within your reach. I am sure you will find this Post very interesting as well, since we are also going to list down some completely funded international internship programs. Below is an overview of foreign government scholarships for undergraduates, masters, PhD students.


The list of 2022 foreign government scholarships for undergraduates, graduates, and PhDs

S.No. Scholarship Name Country Application Timeline*
1. Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarships for Undergraduate Students Japan Between May and June
2. Tianjin Government Scholarship Program China Between May and June
3. Chinese Government Scholarship China Between February and March
4. Zhengzhou University President Scholarship China Between May and June
5. Guangdong Government Outstanding Foreign Student Scholarship China Between May and June
6. Undergraduate Global Excellence Scholarship Business School UK Between April and June
7. Dean’s Indian Scholarship, University of Strathclyde UK Between May and August
8. The Rhodes Scholarships University of Oxford UK Between May and July
9. Tel Aviv University Summer Program Scholarship Israel Between May and June
10. Israel Government Scholarships Israel Between October and November
11. Italian Government Scholarship Italy Between April and May
12. Mexican Government Scholarships for International Students Mexico Between July and September
13. Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) South Korea Between February and March
14. Brazilian Government Scholarship Brazil Between July and August
15. UCC Ireland Meritorious Scholarship Ireland Between March and May
16. Trinity College Dublin Scholarship Ireland Between March and May
17. Deakin University Merit Scholarship Australia Between October and December
18. UNSW Future of Change India Scholarships Australia Between May and July
19. The University of Bristol Think Big Undergraduate Scholarships UK Between May and June
20. Undergraduate Global Excellence Scholarship Business School UK Between April and June


The top government scholarships for undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students for 2022

  1. Sri Lankan Presidential Scholarships (Available from Sept. )
  2. Program for Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarships (Opens in November)
  3. Scholarships offered by the Indonesian government (opening in April)
  4. (Opens in February) Turkish Burslari Scholarship
  5. Scholarships for President of NPU (Open in September)
  6. (Opens in December) Scholarship from the Romanian government
  7. Scholarships offered by the Moroccan Government (open in August)
  8. Scholarships from the Mexican Government (open in July)
  9. Scholarships from the Islamic Development Bank (opening in December)
  10. (Opens in March) Portuguese Government Scholarships
  11. (Opens in March) Scholarships offered by the Spanish government
  12. (Opens in February) Austria Government Scholarship
  13. Scholarships offered by the New Zealand government (open December-February)

Scholarships above are the Top Most Famous Scholarships in the World. By going to their Websites, you can find out more about each scholarship. We will also list down a few fully funded internship programs for international students:

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