FCE Pankshin Cut Off Mark for all Courses 2022/2023

FCE Pankshin Cut Off Mark for all Courses 2022/2023

FCE Pankshin Federal College of Education Pankshin has officially released it’s Eligible Post-UTME, JAMB and Departmental Cut Off Mark, Aggregate and Points for this 2022/2023 Session. Scroll below to see list of all accredited courses/departments cut off scores

FCE Pankshin cut off mark

nursing, computer science, cyber security, architecture, surveying and geoinformatics, biochemistry, animal production and health, architecture, applied geophysics, food science and technology, medicine and surgery, industrial chemistry, business administration, biomedical technology, building technology, biomedical engineering, microbiology, civil engineering, mass communication, industrial design, estate management, petroleum engineering, geology, microbiology, how to calculate engineering course, mechanical engineering. check below for eligibility and and their requirement

FCE Pankshin Federal College of Education Pankshin CUT-OFF MARK: 100.

The management of FCE Pankshin Federal College of Education Pankshin has decided to make the general cut off mark to be 100 for both UTME and direct entry Students.

FCE Pankshin Admission news

Prospective students seeking admission into this great institution should try to get above the school official cut off mark as they will be competition. Departmental Cut off mark for FCE Pankshin Federal College of Education Pankshin simply means scores that has been allocated to different departments.

Each departments has its own score that you get to be eligible for Admission. Read below for full Guidlines. Post UTME and JAMB Marking Scheme Screening System and Point
If you get below the cut off mark you can check other schools: Universities, Polytechnics and college of education JAMB and Post Utme departmental cut off mark.

FCE Pankshin Post UTME Past Question

Post utme screening test is still on for FCE Pankshin Federal College of Education Pankshin, weather by physical test or by just screening with jamb and your olevel result it’s very important to study and revise the school post utme past questions and answers kindly Download our Post Utme Past Questions PDF Free Download (New Edition)

Studying this post utme past questions and answers increases your chance of getting Admission
When registering for Jamb and post utme it’s important to make sure that you choose the right subject combination JAMB and WAEC Subject Combination For All Courses 2022/2023 as the wrong combination has disqualified candidates of gaining Admission into FCE Pankshin Federal College of Education Pankshin.

Also find out detailed courses that FCE Pankshin Federal College of Education Pankshin is offering at the moment JAMB Brochure PDF Download for all Courses 2022/2023. Check out the minimum requirements for the course, eligiblity and subject combinations

If you want to secure Admission space into FCE Pankshin Federal College of Education Pankshin studying your dream course then contact us here, we assure you that your name will appear in the school first batch Admission merit list. Read more on Get Admission with Low JAMB Score (120 and Above) 2022/2023

FCE Pankshin cut off mark for all courses 2022/2023 (JAMB and Post UTME)

To be eligible for Post UTME Screening Exercise candidates must have sat for the 2022/2023 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and scored a minimum of 100 marks

FCE Pankshin Cut-Off Mark

To be eligible to participate in the FCE Pankshin Post UTME screening exercise, you must have scored 120 and above (NCE Applicants) / 180 and above (degree applicants) in the last Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

1. School of Vocational and Technical Education(NCE)
a. Agricultural Science 120
b. Business Education 140
c. Fine and Applied Arts 130
d. Home Economics 130
e. Technical Education 120
a. Technical Education 180
2. School of Adult and Non-Formal and Special Education (NCE)
a. Special Needs Education 120
b. Adult and Non-Formal Education 120
a. Special Education 180
b. Adult Education 180
3. School of Early Childhood Care Education and Primary Education (NCE)
a. Early Childhood Care Education 140
b. Primary Education 120
4. School of Education (Degree)
a. Educational Administration and Planning 180
b. Guidance and Counseling 180
5 School of Science (Degree)
a. Biology Programme 180
b. Computer Science and Mathematics Programmes 180
c. Physical and Health Education Programme 180
d. Chemistry Programme 180
e. Physics Programme 180
f. Integrated Science 180
f. Mathematics Programmes 180
a. Biology/Integrated Science 140
b. Biology/Mathematics 140
c. Chemistry/Computer Science 140
d. Chemistry/Integrated Science 140
e. Computer Science/Mathematics 140
f. Computer Science/Biology 140
g. Integrated Science(DM) 140
h. Integrated Science/Computer Science 140
i. Mathematics/Chemistry 140
j. Mathematics/Physics 140
k. Mathematics/Integrated Science 140
l. Physical and Health Education(DM) 140
m. Physics/Computer Science 140
n. Physics/Integrated Science 140
o. Biology Programme 140
p. Computer Science and Mathematics Programmes 140
q. Physical and Health Education Programme 140
r. Chemistry Programme 140
s. Physics Programme 140
t. Integrated Science 140
6. School of Languages(NCE)
a. English/French 120
b. English/CRS 140
c. English/Arabic 120
d. English/Hausa 120
e. English/Igbo 120
f. English/Yoruba 120
g. English/Music 120
h. CRS/Yoruba 120
i. Hausa/CRS 120
j. Hausa/ISS 120
k. Hausa/Music 120
l. French DM 120
m. French/CRS 120
n. French/Hausa 120
o. French/Igbo 120
p. French/Yoruba 120
q. French/Music 120
r. Arabic/ISS 120
s. Arabic/Hausa 120
t. Arabic/Music 120
a. English 180
b. French 180
c. Arabic 180
7 School of Arts and Social Science (NCE)
a. Christian Religious Studies/Social Studies 140
b. Christian Religious Studies/Music 140
c. Christian Religious Studies/English Language 140
d. Christian Religious Studies/Hausa Language 140
e. Christian Religious Studies/French Language 140
f. Christian Religious Studies/Igbo Language 140
g. Christian Religious Studies/Yoruba Language 140
h. Christian Religious Studies/Special Education 140
i. Social Studies/Islamic Studies 130
j. Social Studies/English Language 140
k. Social Studies/Hausa Language 140
l. Social Studies/French Language 140
m. Social Studies/Yoruba Language 140
n. Social Studies/ Special Education 140
o. Music/French Language 120
p. Music/ Hausa Language 120
q. Music/Igbo Language 120
r. Music/English Language 120
s. Music/Yoruba Language 120
t. Music/ Special Education 120
u. Islamic Studies/Hausa Language 120
v. Islamic Studies/Arabic Studies 120
w. Islamic Studies/English Language 120
x. Islamic Studies/Special Education 120
a. Music 180
b. Christian Religious Studies 180
c. Islamic Studies 180
d. Social Studies 180

This post will be updated as more courses and departments are accredited

FCE Pankshin Federal College of Education Pankshin official website and portal for post utme Registeration and other vital information can be found here: www.fcepankshin.org

FCE Pankshin Post UTME Form

The school post utme Admission screening form is likely to commence sales on July / August this year. Stay update on our main site: schoolcollege.ng

FCE Pankshin Federal College of Education Pankshin cut off mark for all courses 2022/2023, medical laboratory science courses cut off mark for Veterinary Medicine departmental cut off mark 2022/2023, FCE Pankshin Federal College of Education Pankshin Post UTME school fees

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