How To Earn Over 100$ Per Day With Google Adsense in Nigeria

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I want to challenge myself like I’ve never done before: create $100 per day from AdSense from two completely different niche websites.
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My success on-line with adsense is round the $200/month that equates to $6-$7 per day in adsense revenue. What this implies is that I actually have to extend my adsense earnings by sixteen times.
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How long is that attending to take? smart question: I don’t recognize.
Now, my challenge here is predicated on 2 new websites.


My alternative website  continues to be in its infancy and I’ve solely written five posts and its sort of a magazine style of site wherever I decide to write and share photos, videos and stories from the craziest to the weirdest and everything in between very like a infectious agent recreation web site.
The second web site is within the finance/forex commerce niche and I’m attending to say a touch a lot of regarding it here. With this web site, I’ve began to place a great deal of effort into making content in July 2015.
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Its super competitive as you’ll be able to see below and it’s six,600 actual keyword hunt for it and advertisers area unit paying Google $10.97 for it :

High Competition Keyword

It will take over six months to induce graded in page one of google for such high competition keywords.


I believe I will for this keyword.
Why did I say this?
Because here’s the thing: I learnt from an identical adsense web site I sold on flippa for quite substantial add of cash and it took American state a minimum of 2 years to rank for this keyword on page four of google for this competitive keyword.
But here’s a number of fascinating things I discovered:
I wasn’t even attempting to rank for that top competition keyword. My dream keyword was another keyword  how ever the tendency of attempting to rank for that alternative keyword, the accidentally found its thanks to the page four of google. With this new AdSense web site, I’m making, its specifically targeting the most dream keyword I actually have in mind thus i feel I actually have a larger likelihood of achieving this during a abundant shorter timeframe than my previous AdSense web site.
I didn’t do any external back linking campaigns, each back link I got for that website} was organic: the rationale was that I created a site wherever guests likeable my content and guess what they did? They denote the links of my websites on alternative connected sites. That drove a big quantity of tourists thereto web site likewise.
the name of that web site solely contained sixty six of the keyword Meaning, there was no ,such keyword  except the “trading strategies” keyword half. Now, these days, you’ll examine however Google is golf stroke less significance of actual match domain names for seo functions. i actually don’t care. I’d rather obtain a precise match name or a site name that has all the keyword I’m targeting in it. All this packaging regarding regarding actual match domain names solely impacts those terribly skinny sites, as an example, a web site with 5-6 pages of content attempting to deceive Google to rank for the keyword within the actual match name. The name of the sport is to make AN authority niche web site with ample content that web site guests can fancy and Google can reward you for that after your  smart organic rankings for that keyword.
But with this current new web site I’m building, it’s the complete “forex commerce strategies” keyword in its name. Now, I’m not spoken language, that’s attending to be one huge issue that’s attending to get American state graded fast…no means. however i feel it’ll facilitate as a result of I shall still add tons of quality distinctive content thereto.
FREE KEYWORD pursuit TOOL I’M victimization to trace KEYWORDS
I’m victimization the free version of Ahrefs keyword pursuit tool to ascertain what percentage organic keywords area unit setting out to show up for my forex web site.
Now, as a result of I’m victimization the free version of Ahrefs, its fairly restricted to what knowledge you’ll be able to see and right, I will solely embody one website} with is that the forex site.
I can even see in google analytics what keywords guests area unit typewriting to go to my web site so check what page that keyword I ranking for.
I’m happy to mention that at intervals a month of posting a great deal of content, i’m currently having fifty two organic keywords contact in United States and twelve in Great Britain. however my dream keyword isn’t even showing isn’t even showing on page ten of google however. See below:

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Ahrefs Organic Keyword pursuit Tool

None of the keywords have reached the primary pages of google however. Most of the keywords area unit contact between page two to page ten of google search results.


My SEO strategy is constructed around making content which will be shared and here’s however I’m doing it:
I’m targeting low competition keywords with low search volumes that area unit associated with the dream keyword. once I say low search volumes, I mean anyplace from twenty to three hundred searches a month for the low competition keyword. From my expertise its fairly quick to rank for these low competition keywords in Google at intervals one-3 months and a few of them can hit the quantity #1 spot in Google on Page 1 simply.
Every post that I produce, I make certain a minimum of I actually have one to three links inform back to my homepage.What I’m attempting to try to to is have a great deal of link juice inform back to my homepage to offer to a lot of prominence for the keyword “forex commerce ways.”Now, I don’t stuff this very same keyword all told the posts and link it back to the house page. Instead I vary the dream keyword I’m targeting and that i use the “related searches” feature of Google search to offer American state an inspiration of the keywords I will use to link back to my homepage: Related Searches Feature In Google Search Results
For the The posts I produce, i exploit google keyword planner tool, and conclude the low competition keywords and build content primarily based around that keyword. I aim for a minimum of a minimum of four hundred words per post. The longer the higher. Why? as a result of with a extended post, you get graded for several keywords that you just ne’er planned for or ne’er knew existed. Believe American state once I say this. it’s crazy sort|the sort|the kind} of keyword variations individuals type in google to land on your web site. That’s why write a lot of.
Kindly raise your guests at the top of every post to share your post on facebook, twiter etc if they enjoyed it. thus what I do at finish of every post, I write one thing like this: it might American state and the globe to me if you may share this post by clicking those sharing buttons below if you’ve enjoyed it. Or “Sharing is Caring: please don’t forget to share this post by clicking any of the sharing buttons below.” You get the idea? I’ve tested this on my previous web site and it works. Believe me. If one Facebook user shares your post and he has three hundred friends, and every of his friends have three hundred friends Now, not all of his friends can visit your website} however the numbers do collect and that they area unit created alert to your site and if they keep coming thereto, then that’s a extremely smart sign. raise AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE.
Write content for individuals, not Google. Yes, you’re attempting to induce graded for centain keywords however don’t forget, individuals will sense which internet sites don’t have any real substance. thus extremely write and prepare your content during a means that might create individuals share you content. What I tend to try to to to induce concepts of what style of content gets shared a great deal and replica the model used. the subject is also from another niche however I copy the structure, vary the headlines (etc) and create it distinctive in my very own means. after you write, simply write such as you speak. There’s a lot of life during a colloquial writing tone than a PhD thesis.
I make certain I daring the keyword I’m targeting at intervals the primary 1-3 paragraphs of the post once, however ideally at intervals the primary paragraph. Then within the resulting body paragraphs, I underline the keyword and within the last paragraph, I impress the keyword each a minimum of once. Why do this? Well, I’m stressing that what I daring, underline and impress is what’s vital therein post or page to Google.
I make certain that the keyword is within the Title Of the post or Page
I additionally make certain that the keyword is within the Meta Description. The wordpress plugin i exploit for of these on page SEO is Yoast Seo.
That’s however my on page SEO works on this AdSense niche web site I’m doing.

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There’s 2 ways that to induce traffic. The quickest is paid traffic like Google, Yahoo/Bing, Facebook Ads, And Twitter Ads. the opposite is SEO through content creation.
Now, I cannot advertise my web site on Google and Facebook as a result of my accounts area unit suspended. Long story short, I didn’t recognize what I did wrong and each Facebook and Google can’t tell American state precisely what happened.
The reasons given were pretty imprecise “policy violation”. I begged and pleaded and if i used to be a dog, i’d wag my tail 1,000,000 times, however it absolutely was pointless.
Its like shame that such mult-billlion bucks corporations like facebook and google have extremely poor client service.
What I’m left with is Twitter and Bing wherever I will advertise my web site on. Now, from my expertise, the client service on Bing is pretty impressive. I even have twitter to advertise. and that i shall use these 2 networks in due course and make certain I don’t get my accounts suspended.
Now, off course, the long run strategy is content. Content is king. produce content to drive traffic. i’ll not see immediate impact or traffic currently however months and years down the road, its attending to obtain itself.
But there’s one vital factor I’m missing regarding traffic: I don’t own this traffic. I actually have to possess a number of these traffic.
How do I do that? Simple: build AN email list.
CREATING AN EMAIL LIST suggests that i will be able to OWN THE TRAFFIC
I’m still within the method of setting my email list. i would like to make a lead magnet, that is AN moral bribe to traveller to offer American state his email address in exchange a free report or code etc, that i will be able to provide send to him.
In that means, once I actually have email address, I will email my list any time I produce a brand new post and still get guests to return to my sites to scan the new post rather than betting on paid and organic traffic.
The a lot of guests i purchase to my sites the a lot of adsense revenue I will earn. Traffic is that the lifeblood of a web site and if you own the traffic, you’re doing pretty smart.
IF you have traffic you have revenue, so the best way to earn more that $100 per day is to earn Alot of traffic to your, above she’s the complete guide on how to earn traffic.
If you have any questions for you can ask in the comment section below

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