United Arab Emirates University Scholarships 2022

For all the international students, scholarships are available at the University of United Arab Emirates in the year 2022. This program, provided by UAEU is fully funded and students can pursue their future by getting degrees in master’s and doctorate level at this institute.

United Arab Emirates university scholarships 2022 – fully-funded scholarships

About United Arab Emirates University

The United Arab Emirates is one of the leading universities in the government sector and always has been the first priority of candidates for years. Our goal in the future is to make our institute the most wide-ranging and a research-focused university. The present number of students is above 14000.

With the help of different colleges, which are part of this institute, united Arab emirates university is providing students with a variety of disciplines at the level of postgraduate, undergraduate, and doctorate. We deal mostly in the fields of medical, law, engineering, arts and humanities, sciences, health sciences, education, economics, food, agriculture, etc.

About United Arab emirates university scholarships

This university every year offers scholarships for international students. The University of UAE offers programs to all international students in almost every department. Currently, the university is providing scholarships on levels of maters and doctorate level to those students who have been good performers in their previous degrees. Not only admission but the university is also providing some financial support to these students. University of United Arab Emirates’ most of the scholarships is supported by the government of the very country who helps to give financial aid in various research projects.

  • Country; United Arab Emirates
  • University; United Arab Emirates University
  • Scholarship provided by; the government
  • Scholarship covers; fully funded
  • Degree offered; masters and doctorate degrees in various fields
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Benefits of United Arab Emirates university scholarships

It has been a wonderful experience for those students who wanted to study in the third richest country of the world to study and pursue their careers without any fees on the level of master’s and doctorate. All expenditures are covered by the government if you study in this university.

Applications are welcome from the globe to take admission in Ph.D.

Expenses that will be covered by UAEU 2022 program

  • Full tuition fees
  • Stipend after a month
  • Medical insurance
  • Extra amount

In the case of the supervisor’s external research project, almost 3000 AED or

In the case of the supervisor’s internal research project, almost 2000 AED

Programs offered by United Arab Emirates University

In almost every known field university is providing facilities to take admission for students.

  1. Science
  2. Arts and humanities
  3. Social sciences
  4. Business and economics
  5. Law
  6. Food and agriculture
  7. Medicine and health sciences
  8. Information technology
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Eligibility criteria for United Arab Emirates university scholarships 2022

  1. A student must be a foreigner to avail of this scholarship.
  2. For a master’s degree, a student must have 3.00 CGPA out of 4.00 in their degrees of bachelors.
  3. For apply in a doctorate degree a student must have a 3.00 CGPA out of 4.00 CGPA at their master’s level. The same is the case with a bachelor’s degree.

Documents required to apply

  1. Complete the form of application available online.
  2. The highest degree which you got will be needed to apply in the next degree program.
  3. For master’s application, a bachelor’s degree will be required
  4. For doctorate degree application, a master’s or above degree will be required.
  5. If your diploma is not in the English language then there will be a need to translate it into English.
  6. The highest degree you have so far need to upload on the website after attestation with official stamps
  7. Two recommendation letters will be required red; these letters must be written by your teachers from whom you have studied during your previous degrees, who will be able to tell about your performance during your studies.
  8. Need a passport in scan form, if available.
  9. One CV of yours
  10. Photographs of yours
  11. Need to write the purpose of your studies or a statement of the plan by your side. Here you will write in the same language in which you are willing to take a degree.
  12. English language proficiency will be required, in this case, you have to do an IELTS course.
  13. The thesis of your master’s and publications so far should be provided at the time of writing the application.
  14. Some other documents for the purpose of references if available.
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Helping material for apply

Application deadline for United Arab Emirates University

The deadline for the applications at United Arab Emirates University for the degrees of postgraduate and PharmD is 30th April 2022 and for doctorate’s degree it will be 31st March 2022.

How to apply for United Arab Emirates university scholarships 2022

Steps for applying to this university are given below

  1. Candidates have to visit the official website of the university;
  2. Create an account and log in
  3. Fill the form out there and provide essential information
  4. Dates of application are given above and the application should be submitted before deadlines. Otherwise, they will not be applicable.

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