Scholarships in China Without IELTS 2021-2022 | Fully Funded

Scholarships in China Without IELTS are a good option. A growing number of Chinese students are studying in China on a Chinese Government Scholarship for Bachelors, Masters, and PhD programs. Chinese universities do not require language tests. China is good for studying as well as if you don’t want to take the IELTS and you want a scholarship. With a CSC Scholarship, you can study in China without IELTS. With easy scholarships and low CGPA requirements, China is the best country to study in.


The third-largest country in the world is China. Scholarships are available in China without IELTS. Everyone knows that they can study in Chinese universities without IELTS. Most Chinese Government Scholarships to Study in China do not require IELTS. A monthly stipend, free accommodation, and medical insurance are also included.

Chinese universities allow free applications. China has 1500 public universities. CSC Scholarships are currently available at almost 133 Chinese Universities. Many students from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, other Asian countries, as well as students from African countries, prefer to study in China without IELTS. Below is a list of scholarship opportunities in China without IELTS.

Details About Scholarships in China Without IELTS 2021

  • Scholarship Country: China
  • Degree Level: Bachelors, Masters, PhD
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded

List of Universities in China Without IELTS

There are no IELTS-required universities in China. Maybe you can find a few more.

  1. Technology and Science University in Changchun
  2. Petroleum University of the Northeast
  3. Zhejiang University of Technology
  4. Shantou University Medical College
  5. China University of Mining and Technology(Xuzhou)
  6. Nanjing University of Science and Technology
  7. Beijing University of Chemical Technology
  8. Beijing Foreign Studies University-International Business School
  9. Hangzhou Normal University
  10. Dongbei University of Finance and Economics
  11. Dalian Medical University
  12. Zhengzhou University
  13. Fujian Medical University
  14. China Medical University
  15. Ningbo University
  16. Beijing Institute of Technology
  17. Beihang University
  18. Liaoning Shihua University
  19. Bohai University
  20. Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics
  21. China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)
  22. Fujian University of Technology
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Around 30.3 million students were enrolled in public colleges and universities in China as of 2019, with roughly 490,000 foreign students among them.

List of Universities in China Without Application Fee 2021

  1. Northeast Normal University.
  2. Northwest A & F University.
  3. Shaanxi Normal University.
  4. CQU (Chongqing University)
  5. CNU (Capital Normal University) China
  6. The Dalian University of Technology, Liaoning state, China
  7. NWPU, Shaanxi State, China
  8. Southeast University, Nanjing
  9. UESTC (University of Electronic Science & Technology), China
  10. Sichuan University, China
  11. SJTU (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), China
  12. Wuhan University of technology, city Wuhan, Hebei state, China
  13. Shandong University, state Shandong, China.
  14. NUAA, Nanjing city, province: Jiangsu
  15. Tianjin University,
  16. Fujian University
  17. Southwest University
  18. CQUPT (Chongqing University of Post & Telecommunications)
  19. Wuhan University, Hebei state, Wuhan city, China
  20. HEU, (Harbin Engineering University), China
  21. Harbin University of science and technology.
  22. Zhejiang Sci-Tech University.
  23. Yanshan University
  24. The Renmin University of China.

List of Top Scholarships in China 2021-2022

Listed below are the Top Scholarships in China funded by the Chinese Government for Bachelors, Masters, and PhD programs.

  1. China Scholarship Council
  2. Jiangsu Government Scholarship
  3. Hubei Provincial Scholarships
  4. Beijing Government Scholarship
  5. Confucius Institute Wisdom
  6. British Council of China Scholarship
  7. Schwarzman Scholars Program
  8. Biomedical Sciences Scholarships
  9. Zhengzhou University President Scholarships
  10. Schwarzman Scholarship
  11. ANSO Scholarship
  12. Tsinghua University CSC Scholarship
  13. Yenching Academy Scholarship
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