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JAMB EXPO Runz Free Ceebook Examloaded 2023/2024

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best jamb expo site

We schoolcollege.ng are the best jamb expo site that has helped over 720,000 Nigeria Students excel in their jamb result scored over 270 in jamb, our highest students so far scored 386 in JAMB and is presently studying medicine in ABU ZARIA. He also recently won a scholarship program to study in Canada. We are here to assist you get above 270 above in jamb


We use two methods of sending questions and answers which are JAMB MOBILE AND JAMB SYSTEM (recommended).

JAMB MOBILE Package: Questions and Answers are sent to you a night on the examination day for all questions type and questions time (4 examination are conducted in a day). You get it to your whatsapp words and alphabet.

Format to your received questions and answers

This is the way we send our answers. This is how our answers looks like on Subject English language (objectives)

Answers for English language

  1. National – D
  2. Idioms – C
  3. Therefore – A
  4. For – B
  5. Although – C.

Jamb mobile package is widely used by Nigerian students, get this questions, crame it or write it down on a piece of paper, then take it to the examination hall and smash your examination with score of 270-320 and above

Jamb system package (recommended) this is for the VIP Members, we gain access to your system using the information you gave to us. Questions will be answered for you automatically (JAMB Computer). We send your details to our JAMB Agents who will now gain access and tick all questions and answers for you. You must be in exam hall to SUBMIT Your examination, its very important. Jamb system package total cost for 4 subjects is N8000

The Following Details Are needed from You

Details Needed

  • Your JAMB Registration Number : To login for your Jamb Questions and Answers Extraction
  • Your Seat Number : To Locate Your Computer Locations and Questions set
  • Your Centre Number : To Know Your Exam Centre And To Select It in “Centre Category In JAMB DATA BASE”
  • Your Email account : The One You Used to Create JAMB Profile For This 2023/2024 JAMB Exam
  • Your Subject : Subjects You Are Offering For Confirmation (Optional)
  • Your Exam date and Time : As To Know When To start Your Work

All this will be use to locate the computer that you have inserted your JAMB details on(I.E The System you are working on) The system /computer will be Minor or slightly HACKED,We gonna paste /tick the correct Answers for you online.


Our JAMB Runz comes with money refund policy. We refund your money fully back to you if you get 250 and below. We are the best jamb expo site. Below are the available Subjects we offer



  • Use of English 
  • Mathematics 
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Economics 
  • Literature In English 
  • Government 
  • Accounting 
  • Commerce 
  • Geography
  • Agricultural Sc. 

All payments should be made directly to our account number number. Use POS or mobile transfer to make payment… then hold the receipts of payments very well till we verified you. Contact us for payment

JAMB BOSS: 08133139104

You can call us for more enquiry,We best reply on WhatsApp

After payment you send us your subjects in JAMB, you send us your examination number and examination date, it’s from here we will get your question type and answer. You will automatically be added to the 2023/2024 Jamb assistance bulk SMS and WhatsApp group chat

Proof and Evidence of our work

JAMB EXPO Runz Free Ceebook Examloaded 2022/2023
We are the best


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