Government Scholarships Without IELTS in year 2022 – Study Abroad For Free

For all the learners online admission applications are open for the years of 2022 and 2023 which are offered by the government in the foreign countries like Europe western and eastern countries. These scholarships are fully funded and no IELTS is required for this.

It has been a convention that mostly students look for those scholarships which are often fully funded and given by the government himself and have no requirements of IELTS. Government scholarships are always of a high value because of their better financial options.

Academic Funding Entitlement of Government Scholarships

Scholarships offered by different governments around the world include Admissions to undergrad, postgrad, and exchange programs The following funding options are available to students in the program:

  • Free studies at the public of government universities
  • Residence entitlement at the hostel
  • Cover for health insurance
  • Funding allocation paid monthly as stipend money
  • Access to laboratories for experiments
  • Access to libraries
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Government scholarship in the year 2022 – fully funded

Since IELTS in every country is an expensive thing that is why most of the students get away from this and be fascinated with fully funded or government-supporting scholarships. Here we are going to give you complete detail of scholarships which are provided by governments and which are given by the sequence of countries;

Without IELTS Chinese scholarships

In Canada, the Chinese government took this initiative to provide scholarships by the china scholarships council and ANSO scholarships which are totally funded and also supported by the government as well. Further, they are providing more scholarships which are sponsored by MOFCOM SCHOLARSHIPS, Shanghai government scholarships, and government of Beijing scholarships.

Without IELTS Government of japan scholarships

With any requirement of IELTS government of japan is providing scholarships to students all over the world. The international Japanese scholarship program and MEXT which is also supported by the government of japan is included in this category.

Without IELTS Turkish government scholarships

To provide a facility to students all over the world Turkish government has decided to give totally funded scholarships without any need of IELTS. All the top institutions are covered under this scholarship in Turkey and Turkey Burslari will also facilitate students which depends on financial needs of scholars.

Scholarships by the Russian government without IELTS

The government of Russia has realized the situation and did exactly the same what other countries were doing and decided to provide scholarships for foreign students which don’t acquire any IELTS. In this regard, they have included Russian open door scholarships and Russian government scholarships for the academic year 2022.

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Scholarships provided by the Canadian government without IELTS

The Canadian government has introduced some scholarships such as OAS scholarships for the learners of Graduate level, Banting’s Doctoral Fellowship Scholarship, for Masters, Canada graduate scholarships, and for academic scholarships an OAS regular program which is all without any IELTS.

Government of Germany scholarship deprived of any IELTS

DAAD government scholarship has been a worldwide recognized scholarship which is the most satisfying. Scholarship of the German government. This scholarship gives a stipend to all students and also admission in all academic courses. All the top German institutes are covered by this scholarship.

Government of Korea scholarships without IELTS

The Korean government has introduced Korea global scholarships to encourage students all over the globe to come in Korea and study here for the year of 2022. This scholarships cover master’s, bachelors, and Ph.D. levels. And the best part is that this scholarship does not need any IELTS to study in Korea.

Malaysian government scholarships deprived of IELTS

The Malaysian government took this initiative and decided to provide scholarships to students who would require no IELTS and most of them would be fully funded. These scholarships include Malaysian government scholarships and MIS which is Malaysian international scholarships for students all over the globe.

Without IELTS Government of British scholarships

For the past many years, the British government has been hosting some of the most affordable schemes of scholarships. Many of them require no IELTS for admission there. They have a great value of their degree and provide scholarships in every academic field. Commonwealth scholarship, Great scholarships and Chevening scholarships are some of their initiatives that are funded by the government.

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Without the IELTS government of Thailand scholarships

Thai government always encouraged international students to study in their country and in this regard they have taken a lot of steps. Some of these advantages are Government of Thailand scholarships and Royal Thailand Government Scholarships for oversea students.

Without any IELTS government of Qatar scholarships

For the levels of undergraduate postgraduate and doctorate, Qatar government has started to provide scholarships that are funded by the government and require no IELTS from international students.

Deprived of IELTS scholarships in Singapore

Singapore has been doing some great steps to improve the numbers of students to study in their country and for this purpose, they have launched Government of Singapore-funded scholarships which is highly paid and require no IELTS. Some of the names of these scholarships are SINGA which is the Singapore international graduate award and government of Singapore scholarships.  

This was a complete list of countries that are providing you a chance to study in their homeland without any dues and to secure a better future for yourself.



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