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The UK has two intake periods, September/October and January/February. Several universities in the UK offer courses in April and May.

January Intake

A secondary intake occurs in January. January intake offers fewer courses than September intake, but gives students who missed the main intake a chance to apply. The time given to complete applications is valuable. Application deadlines vary from course to course and university to university, and will fall between June and September.

September Intake

In the UK, September is the main intake month. The month is also known as autumn intake in the UK. All courses in UK universities are offered during the September intake. February and May of that academic year will be the application deadlines for the September intake. Courses will always vary based on university and change over time. Students are advised to check with their respective universities for details.

May Intake

  • A limited number of places are available for May UK university intake. However, some courses are also available in May intake.
  • International students can enroll in a few courses at Coventry University, Northumbria University, Southampton Solent University, University of Bedfordshire etc. in May.

You have received the answer to your question regarding the number of intakes in the UK. Now let’s discuss each intake in detail in a step-by-step manner.

UK intake deadlines

January/February Intake June and September
September Intake February and May

The UCAS deadlines

UK-based Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) handles all undergraduate course applications. Below are the UCAS deadlines for the UK intakes of 2021 and 2022, but these are the key dates to contact your chosen university on.

  • All Cambridge and Oxford courses and the majority of medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine courses at all other institutions are due on 15 October 2022.
  • There is a deadline for all other undergraduate courses for EU students on 15 January 2022
  • The deadline is 30 June 2022 for all other undergraduate courses for international students
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After certain deadlines, some UK universities also accept international applications. If you’re late, you should ask your university.


Study in UK in September 2022: 6 Steps

The first thing you need is an action plan if you intend to study in the UK, whether for undergraduate or postgraduate studies. Here’s a timeline to give you an idea of what you need to do and in which month to do it!!

Step 1 – Get started now!

  • Shortlist eight to twelve universities by August to which you will apply. Look at university websites and take note of application requirements and deadlines.
  • Learn about bank loans and scholarships for your studies by September.
  • Download the university’s admissions brochures from its website. Most brochures are published a year in advance.
  • Start by researching different accommodation options

Step 2 – Crack the exams: January 2022 to February 2022

  • Depending on the course and university, prepare for standardized tests such as the GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, or IELTS.
  • Enroll in the GMAT or GRE by June-July or three months before the test date.
  • A month before the test date, register for the TOEFL/IELTS.
  • Plan to take the required tests around September, and provide yourself with a buffer period in case you need to retake them.

Step 3 – Its application time: February 2022 to March 2022

  • Prepare for your application by shortlisting universities. Sketch out your strengths and self-appraisal and consider what makes you different from other candidates.
  • You will need 2-3 letters of recommendation from your professors and direct managers. Please submit them one month before the application deadline.
  • Prepare your SOP and essays. Let them rest for a month.
  • Apply before the deadline! The deadline for UK September intake 2021 will be between February and May.

Step 4 – What next: April 2022 to May 2022

  • Reply to college e-mails as soon as possible. You’ll also get a lot of them!
  • Attend a personal/video interview. These will be scheduled between January and March.
  • Make your decision as soon as you receive acceptance letters.
  • Let the universities know your decision by the deadline.
  • To confirm your admission, you must pay a non-refundable deposit.

Step 5 – Visa and money matters: June 2022 to July 2022

  • Start looking for and applying for external scholarships (if applicable).
  • After you receive your acceptance letter, apply for a student loan.
  • Prepare your UK student visa paperwork. Review the visa requirements.
  • Apply for a student visa to the UK in time. Keep in mind the processing time!

Step 6 – Get ready to fly: July 2022 to August 2022

  • Purchase airline tickets.
  • Obtain an international debit/credit card.
  • To take along, gather all the documents and their photocopies.
  • Check out the pre-departure checklist!


UK universities with September intake

  • Birmingham City University
  • Bucks New University
  • University of Central Lancashire
  • University of Reading
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • University of Surrey
  • University of Derby
  • University of Westminster
  • University of Wolverhampton
  • Keele University
  • University of Leeds
  • Kingston University
  • London Metropolitan University
  • University of Bradford
  • Swansea University
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6 Steps to Study in January Intake in UK 2023

The following sections explain the step-by-step process for postgraduate and undergraduate courses at UK universities with January intake.

Step 1 – Start Now: May 2022 – June 2022

  • Choosing a course and shortlisting universities that suit your personality is the first step to studying in the UK for January 2023.
  • Every individual’s decision making process will vary depending on their academic background and future plans. Take time to research the courses you want to take, as well as the courses and universities you are eligible for.
  • It is best to see the course details on the official websites of the universities in the UK before you decide which ones to shortlist.
  • To fund your studies, be aware of your options for bank loans and scholarships.
  • Look up the January intake for the course you wish to apply to, as well as the deadline for applications.

Step 2 – Appear for the Exams: July 2022 to August 2022

  • Entrance exams will be the most important eligibility requirements for the courses and universities you choose.
  • Admission to Uk universities will require general aptitude tests such as GRE and GMAT. Prepare for these tests.
  • Language proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL are also essential.
  • The preparation for these tests will take some time, and the results will be announced after a few weeks.
  • You might consider taking the tests again if the results are not satisfactory. This time should be taken into account when preparing a timeline for January intake in the UK.

Step 3 – Start Applying to Colleges: August 2022 to September 2022

Preparing the application would be the next step. Make sure you keep track of the deadlines. Each university and course will have different deadlines.

  • Start the paperwork process a month before the deadline.
  • The SOP/Application Essay should be prepared. In your Statement of Purpose, you will describe your academic background and why you have chosen this university.
  • If you need letters of recommendation, you should also ask your professors and managers to provide them for you.
  • Before the deadline, apply to universities in the UK. UK universities will have a deadline between June and September for their January intake of 2022

Step 4 -Acceptance Letters and Interviews: September 2022 to October 2022

  • You will receive a mail from the University if your application is being processed. If you are interested in attending the course, please reply with a confirmation.
  • As soon as possible, you should contact the university with a confirmation email if you are interested in attending the course. If the deadlines have passed, you should contact the university right away.
  • You might also be required to pay a nonrefundable confirmation fee. This too has a deadline and the amount should be paid before then.

Step 5 – Apply for Visa / Education Loan: October 2022 to November 2022

You should begin the application process for student loans and UK visas as soon as you receive the acceptance letter from the University. If you are planning to study in the UK, you should apply for a student visa at least 3 months before the January The intake process begins. The Visa and Loan processes are both lengthy and important, and both will take time.

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Consider applying for scholarships to study abroad as well. During the visa application process, you will be required to provide proof of monetary funds, and any scholarships or grants should be declared then.

Step 6 – Tickets and Departure: November 2022 to December 2022

You are just one step away from studying in the UK. Ensure that you have all the required documents before you book the flights.

  • The next step is to find a place to stay. If you do not intend to live on campus, you will have to find your own accommodations. You should begin this process at least a month before you arrive.
  • Set up a credit or debit card for international use.
  • Be sure not to forget anything by making a pre-departure checklist.


Universities with January intake in UK

  • Bangor University
  • Birmingham City University
  • Brunel University
  • Edge Hill University
  • Kingston University
  • Northumbria University
  • University of Chester
  • University of Greenwich
  • University of Sunderland
  •  Anglia Ruskin University
  •  Birkbeck University of London
  •  City University of London
  •  Coventry University
  •  De Montfort University
  •  Keele University
  •  Oxford Brookes University
  •  University of Brighton
  •  University of Lincoln
  •  University of South Wales

Which UK intake to choose?

When you are trying to choose the UK intake that is best for you, it can be quite confusing. Consider factors such as the following:

  • Your chosen program’s availability,
  • Academic records,
  • Your Entrance exam scores
  • Acceptance rates of the university
  • Job opportunities available
  • Your readiness to join the university

The majority of international students enroll in the September intake. Some of the courses are also offered during January and May intakes. In the absence of your scorecards, you should apply for the next intake rather than the quickness.


Admissions & Scholarships List in the UK

Scholarships in the UK are available for Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral Degree Programs. Here are the UK scholarship opportunities.

Reach Oxford Scholarships in UK

  • Scholarship Host Country: United Kingdom
  • Host University: University of Oxford
  • Course Level: ‎Undergraduate Degree
  • Scholarship Value: Fully Funded
  • Deadline9 February 2022.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

  • Scholarship Country: United Kingdom
  • University: Cambridge University
  • Funded by: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Course Level: Ph.D., MSc/MLitt, Master Degree, Diploma
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded

Commonwealth Shared Scholarships UK

  • Country: UK
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Course Level: Masters

University of Glasgow Scholarships

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • University: University of Glasgow
  • Level of study‎: ‎ Masters
  • Financial Coverage:  Funded
  • Total No. of Scholarships: 70

Warwick Chancellor’s Scholarship in UK

  • University: Warwick Doctoral College
  • Degree level: MPhil leading to PhD, PhD
  • Scholarship coverage: Fully Funded
  • Eligible nationality: International
  • Award country: United Kingdom

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